Is Vince McMahon Plotting The Creation Of A New Wrestling Company? 5 WWE Legends He Could Target For The Promotion Including Brock Lesnar

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Rumors have swirled recently suggesting Vince McMahon could return to the wrestling game with an all-new promotion. But are the rumors at all realistic and who might he target with the hundreds of billions he has in his cophers?

Earlier this year, Vince McMahon’s legendary and infamous run as the top decision-maker of WWE came to a definitive end. Unlike his temporary retirement in 2023, new heinous allegations against him in a new lawsuit were the final straw for WWE’s parent company TKO Group Holdings, and the 78-year-old was permanently sent packing from the brand he founded.

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Since then, the most influential man in professional wrestling history has only been sighted a few times in public and he has kept an understandably low profile. However, he has made headlines in recent weeks for selling off much of his shares in TKO and adding over a billion dollars to his bank account. The sell-off of his valuable stock has also created some speculation around the business world.

In a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was reported that some around the industry believe McMahon is selling his shares to put together the funding necessary to create an all-new wrestling promotion when he is legally able to. He currently has a one-year no-compete clause and could not start the brand until January 2025.

The report also notes that others don’t think it is likely, and his damaged reputation from the recent allegations and his failure in other startups may scare off networks or streamers from broadcasting the company’s content. Considering his massive ego and being a workaholic, Vince McMahon is unlikely to drift quietly into retirement and a new wrestling company is still a real possibility.

If he does create a competitor to his baby WWE and AEW, here are five former employees he could throw some big money at in free agency.

5 WWE legends Vince McMahon could target for a new wrestling company

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The former WCW and WWE world champion recently revealed he has no interest in working for AEW. However, the door to a WWE return looks to be shut. Yet the 57-year-old appears open to one more match and it would not be one bit surprising if that happened in a new company owned by McMahon. Especially if the zeros on the check are the amount Goldberg is looking for.

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Alberto Del Rio

Similar to McMahon, Alberto Del Rio’s reputation has taken major hits due to various outside-the-ring allegations. The 46-year-old has gotten back to competing recently but does not seem to be getting any interest from WWE, AEW, or even TNA or NJPW. That is why he might be a likely target for McMahon who was always high on his work and often pushed hard to make him a main event star.

Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar’s name was alluded to in the allegations from earlier this year and it has led to speculation about his future in WWE being murky at best. Lesnar and Vince McMahon have always had a strong bond and if the price is right, it is easy to see the two working together again on a new wrestling project.


Kane’s wrestling days seem over, but he remains in great shape after being one of the longest-tenured performers in WWE history. Beyond being a top star for McMahon over the last two decades, both men have similar political leans, and Kane being a part of a new company on a part-time basis seems logical.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s future in AEW looks to be up in the air and he could hit free agency soon. However, considering his multiple opportunities in WWE we may have reached a point where the company is not interested in giving him another chance. That is why he seems like a perfect fit in a new company from McMahon if he wants to continue his career but get paid big bucks.

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