Who Was Recently Revealed As Key Figure In Vince McMahon Sex-Trafficking Lawsuit?

The Vince McMahon sex-trafficking lawsuit is not getting any better, with some key WWE figures now being listed.

Vince McMahon Sex-Trafficking Lawsuit
Credit: WWE

The Vince McMahon sex-trafficking lawsuit is not getting any better, with some key WWE figures now being listed.

When former World Wrestling Entertainment employee Janel Grant filed a sex trafficking lawsuit against WWE, former chairman Vince McMahon and former talent-relations executive John Laurinaitis, the text also included Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2.

There are now names confirmed by the WWE identifying who these officers are.

Nick Khan and Brad Blum Confirmed as Corporate Officers 1 and 2

Front Office Sports broke the story on Monday, reporting, “WWE president Nick Khan and COO Brad Blum are the men identified as Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2 in a sex trafficking lawsuit filed in January in federal court in Connecticut against the company, former chair Vince McMahon, and The suit claims that Khan and Blum, whose names have not previously been reported, were instrumental to a scheme in which the plaintiff, a woman named Janel Grant, was employed “in a completely undefined role, except for the understanding that she remain a sexual slave to be used and trafficked by McMahon within the WWE.”

This does not necessarily mean Khan or Blum engaged behaviors McMahon and Laurainitis have been accused of.

But it could possibly mean they still might have knew too much.

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As Front Office Sports explained, “Unlike McMahon and Laurinaitis, the two are not personally accused of sexual misconduct or violence; rather, the suit claims that they and others facilitated and covered up exploitation in ways that make WWE liable under federal anti-trafficking law.”

The story continued:

Khan, a dealmaker and former CAA executive who earned a reputation as one of the most powerful men in sports media through negotiating billion-dollar deals for clients like the SEC and WWE before joining the latter as president in 2020, is now the top person in control of the sprawling empire it took McMahon a lifetime to build. He reports to TKO president Mark Shapiro and ultimately answers to legendary Hollywood power broker Ari Emanuel. Emanuel took over as chair of WWE’s parent company, TKO, after McMahon resigned in January following the filing of the suit.

“WWE takes Ms. Grant’s allegations very seriously and has no tolerance for any physical abuse or unwanted physical contact,” a WWE spokesperson said in a statement. “Neither Nick Khan nor Brad Blum, prior to the lawsuit being filed on January 25, 2024, were aware of any allegation by Ms. Grant that she was the victim of abuse or unwanted physical contact; nor does the complaint allege that either had knowledge of such.”

‘I Can Confirm That These Names are Correct’

The outlet added, “Front Office Sports independently identified Khan and Blum, as well as the two other anonymous corporate officers to whom the suit refers, by cross-checking the details of the suit against publicly available records like online résumés and corporate filings, as well as information provided by sources familiar with WWE. (Corporate Officer No. 1 is said in the suit, for example, to have maintained a fourth-floor office at the company’s former headquarters, which a person who worked there confirmed was true of Khan.) FOS then asked Grant’s lawyer, Ann Callis, whether its reporting was accurate.

“I can confirm that these names are correct,’ she said.”

Vince McMahon Sex-Trafficking Lawsuit
Source: WWE

If these accusations are true, this story could likely get worse before things get better for all involved.

Stay tuned.

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