Jinder Mahal: I Don’t Get The Credit That I Deserve

Jinder Mahal has been a jobber, WWE Champion and a little in-between, but he feels he still deserves more.

Jinder Mahal
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To start the year, Seth Rollins worked a program with Jinder Mahal. For a few weeks, they feuded over the World Heavyweight Championship. In all likelihood, Mahal was a steppingstone for CM Punk. WWE wanted Punk vs Rollins at WrestleMania 40. Although, an injury during the Royal Rumble means Punk is out until the summer. WWE made quick adjustments, with Rollins now working opposite Drew McIntyre.

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Since the title program, Mahal has once again disappeared from TV. While not seen much on RAW or SmackDown, he is still an active wrestler. In fact, while on Gorilla Position, Mahal felt he deserved more attention.

“Sometimes, I feel like I don’t get the credit that I deserve,” said Mahal. “It’s okay because that keeps me motivated and keeps me driven. It was definitely nice to receive the support. It just further motivated me. I’ve been working with an acting coach. I want to try different things now and I believe WWE is trying different things and are open to trying different things. Maybe, Modern Day Maharaja as a babyface?”

Face Turn Coming?

Turning him face would be a change. Outside of his time in 3MB, he has always been the heel. Typically, he is portrayed as the villain from overseas. 

Jinder Mahal

Source WWE

Yes, his WWE Championship run was nothing special, outside of creating a questionable moment. Basically, he was crowned champion to help expand into the Indian market. He secured a few title defenses before dropping the belt to AJ Styles on the SmackDown before Survivor Series. Since then, he has earned more losses than wins. 

The program with Rollins did result in the champion getting injured. He has since been cleared, but the moment was concerning as WWE did not want to lose another big star. So, does anyone else think a face run by Jinder Mahal is worth watching?

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