Could Brock Lesnar Return For WrestleMania 40?

Considering how the first few months of 2024 went, I didn't think I'd ask this...but could Brock Lesnar return for WrestleMania 40?

Brock Lesnar Return WrestleMania
source: WWE

Considering how the first few months of 2024 went, I didn’t think I’d ask this…but could Brock Lesnar return for WrestleMania 40?

Or, I could dial it back a notch and simply ask…could Brock Lesar return to WWE?

A year ago, such a question would be silly to ask.

The Beast Incarnate was a part time fixture for WWE. He’d return in time for his own Road to WrestleMania, do his thing and then disappear.

Well, not quite disappear, but he enjoyed the part time life.

As we approached 2024, the speculation was building for his path to WrestleMania this time around.

Brock Lesnar Return WrestleMania
source: WWE

Specifically, based on past encounters, many were expecting a big clash between Lesnar and GUNTHER.

Then the latest Vince McMahon lawsuit emerged, and in the details? The implication that Brock Lesnar was aware of and possibly participated in some heinous activities.

Once that was out, WWE went out of their way to distance themselves from the former champion.

Reports indicated that Lesnar had been booked for the Royal Rumble, but plans were scrapped at the last minute.

So after doing their best to distance themselves from him…

Could Brock Lesnar Return For WrestleMania 40?

Being completely honest, what follows is based on reading a lot into something that may not mean anything.

As the company distances itself from Lesnar-and anyone caught up in the allegations-it removed as much of Lesnar from the day to day things.

Lesnar was almost entirely removed from WWE 2K24. Some noted he had been removed from the WWE active roster webpage.

To be honest, I don’t tend to check those pages out too much, so I will take people’s word for it.

Which is where this gets interesting.

Brock Lesnar Return WrestleMania
source: WWE

As covered on Twitter, fans have noted that Brock Lesnar’s profile is once again on the active Superstar side of the house.

Three things on this.

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First, again I have not actively stalked this section, so I am trusting people to be honest. That said, some have responded to the post saying he never left that section.

Second, the gauntlet match to annoint GUNTHER’s challenger happens during the March 11th RAW. Could Lesnar show up for that after all?

Third, I saw fans speculate that what if Brock returned to close out night two of WrestleMania? Roman an Rock win night one, night two is Bloodline Rules, and Cody needs help.

Lesnar represents someone who has reasons to do it, too.

Cody has earned his respect, for starters. Lesnar has a beef with Heyman and Reigns, for another.

And the last interesting point? Lesnar can’t touch the title as long as Reigns is still the champion..

While I can’t say if this is good or bad, I will throw this into it. WWE and parent company TKO have had time, and have resources.

It is entirely possible that they’ve worked hard and engaged the right people on both sides to determine what Lesnar did or did not do.

If they did that, and they are satisfied by the findings, then why couldn’t they bring Brock back?

I still think it is wishful thinking…but stay tuned.

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