Cody Rhodes Throws Vulgar Comment At The Rock

Cody Rhodes was not afraid to throw a vulgar comment at The Rock, as they continue to trade remarks heading into WWE WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes Vulgar Comment The Rock
Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes was not afraid to throw a vulgar comment at The Rock, as they continue to trade remarks heading into WWE WrestleMania 40.

On Smackdown on Friday, The Rock tore into Cody Rhodes – even referring to his mother – in anticipation of Dwayne Johnson’s tag team match with his cousin Roman Reigns who will face Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a tag team match on night one at WrestleMania 40 next month.

On Monday Night Raw, Rhodes had a verbal receipt.

Killer Cody Promo on The Rock

Cody Rhodes came down to the ring at the top pf the 9:00 hour without a smile, seemingly more somber and perhaps angry than usual. He greeted fans but it was clear he had some business to tend too. Rhodes admitted that The Rock had an “entertaining” concert on SmackDown on Friday. Then, Rhodes touched on Rock calling himself “our favorite heel.”

Rhodes listed past great heels he admired, including Bobby Heenan, Michael Hayes and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. But Cody said Rock had it wrong. While those were all heels, The Rock was just an “a–hole.”

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Rhodes addressed Rock mocking him for crying when thinking about both his dad and mother, but then Cody turned it around on Johnson. Cody said Rock had been crying backstage the whole time. He claimed that Rock went to the TKO board, the parent company of WWE, and as a member of the board was surrounded by nothing but “yes” people.

Cody then said “The Rock was a lot of great things, but he was a carny and a terrible salesman.”

Yahoo Entertainment reported, “Rhodes then said that the locker room did not need The Rock more than he needed them. He referred to The Rock bringing up his mom and said that his mom was not afraid of The Rock. As for WrestleMania, he admitted that he did not know whether he was going to finish the story at WrestleMania, but he criticized The Rock’s apparent certainty that The Bloodline would win.

Cody Rhodes Vulgar Comment The Rock
Source: WWE

But then…

“He questioned The Rock, saying, ‘Is it going to be Big Dwayne Energy, or is it just going to be LDS: Little D— Syndrome?” Additionally, Cody said that The Rock would be Roman Reigns’ side chick at WrestleMania.”


Paul Heyman would come out next. Both men agreed that when Cody and Rock meet face to face on Smackdown this Friday, they could come alone. Does that actually happen? Cody Rhodes you can trust. The Bloodline, not so much.

If anything, is the vulgar comment from Cody Rhodes needed to sell The Rock and WrestleMania?

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