Becky Lynch Criticizes Rhea Ripley For Viral Stinkface Sending Women Backwards

Rhea Ripley went viral after her stinkface to Nia Jax, but Becky Lynch sees the moment as sending women backwards.

Becky Lynch Rhea Ripley Viral Stinkface
Credit: WWE

Rhea Ripley went viral after her stinkface to Nia Jax, but Becky Lynch sees the moment as sending women backwards.

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Last week, Rhea Ripely’s name was being tossed around. At a live event, she performed the stinkface to Nia Jax. The crowd loved the moment, which went viral. Like many, Becky Lynch saw what happened and she is not pleased. Basically, she believes that spot could send the women back decades. Remember, WWE usually had female superstars work short matches that might have pillows and pudding. While on Steve Fall, Becky Lynch trashed Rhea’s move.

Lynch Concerned As A Mother

Becky Lynch Rhea Ripley Viral Stinkface

“Maybe I’m just like stuffy and and jaded because this is the stuff that I had to fight against,” said Lynch. “Of course, everybody loves it, and it’s cool and it’s edgy. But, if I’m a little girl sitting in the crowd, and if I have my daughter, and she’s seeing that and she’s thinking that’s what she needs to be if she’s a professional wrestler. And that’s the stuff that’s getting a reaction. And, if I’m a girl who’s grown up and wants to be a professional wrestler, and I see, oh well that’s the stuff that gets a reaction. That is the stuff that gets over and then I’m not taken seriously for what I do in the ring.”

It is tough to tell if Becky is making the comments because she takes on Rhea at WrestleMania 40. Lynch was part the movement that saw women better featured. It was capped with Lynch defeating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event of WrestleMania 35. Since then, we have seen the women featured in various gimmicks like their males counterparts such as Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber, Money In The Bank and the Royal Rumble. So, does Becky Lynch have a point how the viral stinkface from Rhea Ripley sent women in WWE back?

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