5 WWE Superstars Who Should Head Back To NXT

We've seen a number of main roster talents go back to their roots for a reboot, so let's toss out 5 WWE Superstars who should head back to NXT for some refreshing.

5 WWE Superstars Back To NXT
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We’ve seen a number of main roster talents go back to their roots for a reboot, so let’s toss out 5 WWE Superstars who should head back to NXT for some refreshing.

Simple enough, right? The most recent example of this would have to be Baron Corbin. Once a Money In The Bank winner who seemed like he was poised to become a world champion in WWE, things went sideways. As Corbin struggled, someone had the bright idea to send him back down to NXT, and things worked out fairly well. Corbin himself said he was losing interest and nearing the end of his WWE contract when his current NXT run helped reinvigorate him. So, if it worked for Baron Corbin, who else might benefit from another run with the black and gold brand?

1. Cameron Grimes

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I love Grimes, he did great work in NXT and he really only recently made it to the main roster. He’s been up a year, he’s had some really awesome moments (including beating Corbin in a flash)…but the problem is, he’s barely used. He could easily have a run as a top face in NXT and perhaps that gets him going to bigger and better things. But, he’s not exactly a green talent, so perhaps the answer for him is for WWE to get him into some good program on the main roster.

2. Cedric Alexander

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OK, in fairness I don’t think Cedric’s ever done time in NXT. But, he and Ashante Adonis (seems to have lost the “thee”) are working on a tag team thing. So much so they aren’t considered for the WrestleMania tag team ladder match. That tells me WWE wants to give them time to grow and mesh. Where better to do that than in NXT? Have them show up as mystery challengers to Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin and claim NXT tag gold. I mean, there are worse ways to get a tag team over, right?

3. Otis

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I dig what Otis has done since he landed on the main roster, but he seems sort of stuck in his spot. Like, he managed to win the Money In The Bank briefcase, but never managed to cash it in. He could be a solid champion on the main roster…but perhaps WWE should send him down and have him carry one in NXT for a bit first? Plus, having him work a solo program, with a title? Would be a nice way to bring back a certain love interest, which I bet fans would love.

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Maxxine Dupri

5 WWE Superstars Back To NXT
Source: WWE

If we don’t get Mandy back for Otis, why not send Maxxine down with him? We know that the relatively green Dupri has gotten some flak from not so pleasant fans for her in ring work. It’s no fault of hers that she was called up and landed some choice main roster spots. She went from Maximum Male Models to Alpha Academy, and she’s been fun.But, if WWE wants her to be an in-ring talent, she needs more work. Spending more time in NXT and putting in the work in Orlando could actually do her some good.


5 Superstars Back To NXT
Source: WWE

She was actually back in NXT, fighting for the women’s title, when she suffered a major injury. So, this is sort of something that happened, but not to a full extent. Now, she will be off television recovering. But getting her back into the ring and ready to rock like the Ballsy Badass once again…having a rehab run in NXT is not such a bad idea. Of course, she won’t be cleared for a while due to that injury. Depending on the timing, she could be a candidate for a Rumble return…but having her show up and finish that title match (and then some) would be nice.

So, this is 5 Superstars who could benefit from going back to NXT…but there are surely more.

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