What is Slap Fighting? Everything You Need to Know About this Fast Growing Sport

what is slap fighting
Credit: SlapFight Championship

Due to various videos of the sport going viral on social media, there are many around the world wondering what is slap fighting. Well, look no further as we answer a bunch of common questions about the strange sport that has taken YouTube and social media by storm in recent years.

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Where did slap fighting originate?

Slap fighting began close to a decade ago and originated at tattoo trade shows in the US. It eventually also grew in notoriety in Eastern Europe, but the company that evolved it into a refined sport with rules, weight classes, and titles for much of that time is United States-based promotion SlapFIGHT Championship.

Is slap fighting dangerous?

what is slap fighting

There are some in the medical and combat sports fields who believe the sport of slapfighting is not safe. Since it focuses on delivering blows without being able to defend yourself.

To maintain safety, the rules must be strictly adhered to, and harshly penalizing fighters who break them by clubbing, stepping, or flinching is key to helping keep it as safe as possible.

Slap fighting rules

SlapFIGHT Championship features one-on-one bouts with each competitor getting a turn over a 10-round bout. However, title fights feature unlimited rounds and only end when a competitor is knocked out or quits.

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The promotion’s scoring system is as follows:

  • There is a maximum of 1 point awarded for every round. If a competitor lands a clean, legal slap for the round and their opponent receives a foul, they will automatically win the point for that round. If both competitors receive a foul on their turn, no competitor will receive a point for that round. The criteria for determining points when both players deliver a legal slap is based on the damage and effectiveness of the slap and the reaction and recovery of the defender – this scoring is at the discretion of the judges.

What is clubbing in slap fighting?

what is slap fighting
Credit: SlapFight Championship

There are three types of fouls in slap fighting that could lead to penalties. They are clubbing, stepping, and flinching. SlapFIGHT defines clubbing as “Any slap that falls outside of the approved target region. The heel of the hand cannot extend any deeper than the tip of the chin.”

Fighters must keep their feet on the ground, so pivoting on the ball of the foot is considered stepping. Flinching is any body or head movement that affects the slap effectiveness of an opponent.

Is slapfighting bad for your brain?

There are certainly dangers for the brain in slap-fighting bouts. That is why safety must be a top priority during matchups. In many slap fights, competitors use mouthguards, cotton balls to protect the ear drum, and fighters get sixty seconds to recover before delivering a follow-up slap.

SlapFIGHT Championship and Power Slap often have medical and athletic commission staff on-site during events.

Have there been any slap fighting deaths?

Unfortunately, there has been a death in the sport of slap fighting. In 2023, the fifth event for the company formerly known as Punch Down saw the tragic death of Artur “Waluś” Walczak. The well-built slapper suffered a stroke due to the blows he suffered at the event.

He had to be put into a medically induced coma and eventually passed from his brain injuries a month later.

Who is the best slapfighter?

Pound-for-pound, former SlapFIGHT Championship two-division king and current Power Slap light heavyweight champion Ron “Wolverine” Bata is the best slap fighter in the world. He is one of the hardest hitters in the sport’s history and maybe it’s most durable. His victory over Darius Mata Varona at Power Slap 1 in 2023 solidified his spot as the best today.

Highest paid slap fighter

what is slap fighting
Credit: Slap Fight Championship

Dana White-owned slap fighting company Power Slap is consistently handing out the biggest checks to slap fighters. That is why champions Ron Bata, Koa Viernes, and Damien Dibbell are likely among the highest-paid in the sport.

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How to bet on slap fights

When it comes to Power Slap, NxtBets handles all the wagering for their events while you can put your money down for upcoming SlapFIGHT Championship cards at BetSlapFight.

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