What is Power Slap? Everything You Need to Know About the Dana White-Owned League

what is power slap
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As videos of slap fights have gone viral on social media, many fans have started to wonder what is Power Slap. Well, look no further as we have you covered with everything you need to know about the new slap-fighting league run by UFC President Dana White.

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Who owns Power Slap?

To the surprise of many, Power Slap is the baby of UFC boss Dana White. The promotion that is trying to ride the wave of popularity slap fighting has developed on YouTube and social media is funded by White and pals like UFC COO Hunter Campbell, and Zuffa founders Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta.

Power Slap rules

Power Slap matches are between two competitors in similar weight classes and fighters take turns delivering thunderous slaps. Bouts are between three and five rounds and can be ended with knockouts, technical knockouts (competitor unable to continue), or a judge’s decision.

Fights are scored based on slap damage, effectiveness, and defender reaction/recovery. Competitors are given 60 seconds in between slaps to recover. Points can be lost for clubbing (using the base of the palm beyond the tip of the chin in a slap), stepping during a slap, an illegal windup, and flinching before a slap is delivered.

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Power Slap weight classes

Power Slap has the same weight classes as MMA, so 125 pounds, 135 pounds, 145 pounds, 155 pounds, 170 pounds, 185 pounds, 205 pounds, 265 pounds, and super heavyweight, which is unlimited.

Is Power Slap real?

what is power slap
Credit: Power Slap

Yes, Power Slap is completely real and is a physically taxing sport. Durability is a key element of competition and only the slap fighters willing to stand and trade without fear survive.

Is Power Slap safe?

There are some in the medical and combat sports fields who believe the sport of slapfighting is not safe. Since it focused on delivering blows without being able to defend yourself.

To maintain safety, the rules must be strictly adhered to, and harshly penalizing fighters who break them by clubbing is key to helping keep it as safe as possible.

What is clubbing in Power Slap?

SlapFIGHT Championship, one of the leaders in the sport of slap-fighting, describes clubbing as “Any slap that falls outside of the approved target region. The heel of the hand cannot extend any deeper than the tip of the chin.”

This means that the goal of a slap is to just use the fingers and the top half of the palm. Power Slap has a very similar ruleset to Slap Fight Championship.

Cast of Power Slap: Road to the Title

There have been two seasons of “Power Slap: Road to the Title.” The full cast list for both seasons can be found below:

Season 1:

  • Varona Darius Mata
  • Ron Bata
  • Travis Aragon
  • Carrese Archer
  • Alex Asbury
  • Veron Cathey
  • Duane Crespo
  • John Davis
  • Damien Dibbell
  • Wesley Drain
  • Waylon Frost
  • Ayjay Hintz
  • Frank Holland
  • Alan Klingbeil
  • Emanuel Muniz
  • Dorian Perez
  • Andrew Provost
  • Isaiah Quinoez
  • Russel Rivero
  • Azael Rodriguez
  • Jewel Scott
  • Mike Smith
  • Robert Trujillo

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Season 2:

  • Zach Zane
  • Sean Kilmartin
  • Merlis Muusikus
  • Branden Bordeaux
  • Ryan Wallace
  • Garret Blakesslee
  • Logan Greenhalgh
  • Jonathan Correa
  • Miles Jackson
  • Eviahn Scott
  • Johnathan Boone
  • Micah Seiuli
  • Chris Debow
  • Federico Benedettelli
  • John Anderson
  • Eddie Brahimir
  • Sorin Comsa
  • Ronald Staton
  • Will Woods
  • Delvin Hamlett
  • Brian Ellis
  • Makini Manu
  • Danie Van Heerden
  • Hayden Southall

Power Slap salary

While Dana White claims he paid one of his slap fighters as much as $45,000, the majority are making $2,000 to compete and another $2,000 if they win.

How long has Power Slap been around?

Power Slap is a brand new promotion that just debuted in 2023. The sport of slapfighting has been around for well over a decade, but the new league is the first major foray into the industry by a major combat sports promoter.

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