LA Knight’s Pay Cut For WWE Return, UnHappy With New Creative

LA Knight recently talks about taking a pay cut for his WWE return , and his unhappiness with Vince McMahon's creative decisions.

LA Knight WWE Return
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At the age of 41, LA Knight is experiencing a nice wave of success in the WWE. He had to work his way up to the top of the wrestling business, and things haven’t always been easy. During a recent interview, he talks about taking a pay cut to return to the company and how he wasn’t happy while Vince McMahon was making creative decisions.

LA Knight Talks WWE Pay Cut & Vince McMahon

Knight had a WWE developmental deal in 2013 but was released by the summer of 2014. He’d end up at Impact Wrestling and established himself as a top-tier talent due to his impressive in-ring skills and mic work.

LA Knight WWE Return
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He also spent some time in NWA. He also experienced some success when with the promotion.

This success would eventually help him forge a path to return to the WWE, some years later. He recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet of Insight about this and revealed some interesting information.  

In his words, he “knew” he would have to take a pay cut in order to return to the WWE. However, he was willing to bet that he could turn this into more, especially since he hit the ceiling at Impact and also enjoyed a good run in the NWA.

LA Knight WWE Return
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LA Knight’s Creative Issues With Vince McMahon

Knight notes that after his NXT run, he hit the main roster, Vince McMahon changed his name to “Max Dupri”. This change in creative for his character wasn’t successful.

He states that VKM “had a vision”, Knight didn’t understand it, and it wasn’t going well. He goes on to say he was unhappy, and Vince probably was, too.

LA Knight WWE Return
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He notes that “all of sudden” he wasn’t on television, and he thought he was getting fired. However, luckily for him, the tides changed, his character creative shifted, and the rest is history.

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