Is Jack Perry’s Suspension Over?

Jack Perry's Suspension
source: @raion74_, twitter, screenshot

Sometimes the forgotten performer in the All In fallout, is Jack Perry’s suspension over?

It’s a fair question and sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Following All In at Wembley Stadium, both Perry and the now-departed CM Punk got into an altercation.

The disciplinary response from Tony Khan saw both Perry and Punk suspended.

Of course, as things developed, enough came to light and Tony Khan made the stunning decision to finally fire CM Punk.

Jack Perry's Suspension
source: @raion74_, twitter, screenshot

Many had expected that, if Punk could survive the All Out Brawl aftermath, he would survive All In as well.

He did not, and I am pretty sure everyone reading this knows where he wound up.

Punk’s termination made headlines, and Perry’s suspension quietly just…was.

Is Jack Perry’s Suspension Over?

So, with one of the suspended talents now back to work in a different company, where’s Jungle Boy?

While a good number of fans believe that the man behind the MJF devil mask will turn out to be Perry, we haven’t seen that yet.

But according to the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, Perry’s suspension is long over.

He noted that Jack Perry was free to return now, and had been for a bit, but AEW were waiting for plans to bring him back.

Or, again, as others have speculated, Perry has already returned but just has not yet revealed himself.

If Perry is indeed the masked man, it would mark a decent bump up the food chain for him.

Jack Perry's Suspension
source: @wrestlezone, twitter, screenshot

Call it a vote of confidence, perhaps. Despite his age and inexperience at the time, from the early days of AEW, Jungle Boy was seen by Tony Khan as an important piece.

Giving Perry this opportunity hot off his suspension just supports that.

After all, though the altercation wasn’t wise, Punk’s beef with Perry was actually smart.

Perry wanted to be risky and use real glass for a high risk spot, something that Punk (and others) would shoot down.

This was one interaction that led AEW to revamp their rules about getting spots cleared.

In any case, if the suspension is over, there’s a decent chance we see him reveal himself soon.

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