WWE Update On AJ Lee Return After CM Punk Promo On RAW

CM Punk provided a stellar promo on RAW after his return at Survivor Series referencing AJ Lee. But, could she make a WWE comeback?

AJ Lee CM Punk
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CM Punk provided a stellar homecoming promo on RAW after his explosive return at Survivor Series. His reference to his wife AJ Lee got a massive pop from the live crowd, but could she return to the WWE? WNZ has an update!

WWE Update On AJ Lee Return

Social media has been buzzing since CM Punk referenced his wife AJ Lee last night. He took some time during his first promo back in the WWE to let fans know that she was doing well and sent her regards.

This obviously has fans wondering if Lee could possibly make a WWE return. Especially in light of his massive comeback to the company.

PWInsider provided an update about this recently. According to the report, there haven’t been any talks of AJ Lee returning to the WWE.

With that being said, in 2021, she became the executive producer for Women of Wrestling (WOW). However, some weeks ago, she announced she was stepping away from this job.

AJ Lee CM Punk
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As Punk’s been away from the WWE and no one knew a return from him was possible, no one would think a comeback for Lee. That has all changed now that the former WWE Champion is back with the company.

AJ Lee’s History With Wrestling

Lee joined the company in 2009, entering their development brand at the time, Florida Championship Wrestling, which eventually evolved into NXT. AJ hopped to the main roster in 2011.

At first, she held a variety of managerial roles and was even the General Manager of RAW. It was during this time that she met and fell in love with now-hubby, CM Punk.

AJ Lee CM Punk
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AJ would end up diving into in-ring action, come 2013. She quickly snagged the top WWE women’s gold at that time, the Divas Championship, and had three incredible reigns.

She announced her retirement shortly after WrestleMania 31 in 2015. As Punk departed from the WWE in 2014, and the two married in the summer of that year, Lee felt “caught in the middle” and decided to leave her wrestling career behind.

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