Why Haven’t We Seen Jade Cargill?

Following her hyped arrival, lately she's kept a low profile...so why haven't we seen Jade Cargill?

Jade Cargill
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Following her hyped arrival, lately she’s kept a low profile…so why haven’t we seen Jade Cargill?

It isn’t often that a WWE signing makes major mainstream news. Sure, its a bit more common now, since outlets like ESPN do actually cover WWE and AEW.

But those kinds of major outlets covered the Cargill signing, indicating just how big a deal it was.

Since she signed, Jade has made cameos on every WWE show, but now she’s been keeping a much lower profile.

Some fans expected that, as big a signing as she was, we’d see Cargill’s in ring debut by now.


Why Haven’t We Seen Jade Cargill?

On a night that featured three big returns, each bigger than the next, it was the former AEW TBS Champion that got a good bit of love during the post-Survivor Series press conference.

Jade Cargill
source: @ratboiiiiiiii, twitter, screenshot

When asked about her, Triple H gave a frank explanation as to why we have yet to see her in-ring debut.

Basically…when she’s ready, she will debut. And the man in charge of creative decisions said he wants to make sure she is ready for anything in the ring.

Fair enough assessment, right?

Sure, but there might be some fans a bit surprised…she did have a lengthy winning streak in AEW, right?

She did, but many were squashes, and as Hunter put it…she is still learning the ins and outs inside the ring.

And…her prior employer lacked the resources of say, the WWE Performance Center.

Was it a bit of shade at Tony Khan and his lack of a developmental infrastructure?


Jade Cargill
source: @jade_cargill, twitter, screenshot

Was it wrong?

According to many on social media (because, you know, those are the experts), it was quite accurate.

Cargill left AEW a raw talent. You can see how good she can become, because she has that “it” quality…but even a diamond needs to be polished.

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