Who Could Bryan Danielson Bring To AEW?

Once a wildly popular WWE Superstar, who could Bryan Danielson bring to AEW?

Bryan Danielson Bring To AEW
Credit: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Once a wildly popular WWE Superstar, who could Bryan Danielson bring to AEW?

Danielson was a big “get” for AEW back when he first landed with the company.

And while he may not have reached world championship levels with All Elite Wrestling, he’s done great things behind the scenes.

So much so that Tony Khan has actually said he’d want Danielson running the show if anything ever took him away from his position of creative control.

Clearly, the American Dragon has had a great impact, and the impact could still be felt.

He made plenty of friends in WWE, and surely he remains in contact with some to this day.

Bryan Danielson Bring To AEW
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

And, as we all know…WWE just recently released a bunch of now former Superstars.

Some of those now looking for work probably won’t have a challenge landing in AEW.

After all, Nick Nemeth (the former Dolph Ziggler) has already been linked to the company.

He’s sort of a no-brainer. Several others probably are too.

But…perhaps some are more like hidden gems…

Who Could Bryan Danielson Bring To AEW?

Of all the recent main roster free agents, someone has seemingly always been a favorite of Danielson’s.

Specifically, this would me Mustafa Ali.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Danielson is indeed quite high on Ali.

The report also calls out that Ali’s style could be in a better spot in AEW than he was in WWE.

Bryan Danielson Bring To AEW
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

After all, WWE had been close to pushing him several times…and yet, never did.

Now, AEW might have a chance to do just that. Or, they can in a few weeks, as Ali’s (and many others) see their non-competes run out just before Christmas.

Say what you will about the company bringing in some aging veterans like Ric Flair and the nearly retired Sting, Ali would be someone quite different.

While he is not a rookie by any stretch, you can absolutely say that he has not had the best chances to showcase his talents.

He missed his WrestleMania moment due to injury, and instead we got Kofi-Mania.

Retribution could have been excellent, but then we actually got it, and it was bad…and when Ali was revealed, he got sucked down too.

If he does land in All Elite…we might just see what an unleashed Ali could do.

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