Rey Mysterio On WWE Injured List, Surgery Required

Unfortunately, it looks like Rey Mysterio is officially on WWE’s injured list once again.

Rey Mysterio
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Unfortunately, it looks like Rey Mysterio is officially on WWE’s injured list once again. More details on this story, are below.

Rey Mysterio Underwent Knee Surgery

The former WWE Champion is known for his high-flying moves. However, with this type of wrestling style comes risk, and he’s no stranger to injury.

Rey Mysterio
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Sadly, he’s on the sidelines once again due to yet another knee injury. This isn’t the first knee injury he’s had over the course of his 30-year+ wrestling career.

The WWE superstar recently shared an update on social media. He notes in an Instagram post that he underwent knee surgery.

This marks one of 10+ knee surgeries he’s had over the years in this business. Here’s hoping his recovery is smooth and quick.

Rey Mysterio
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He recently lost the United States Championship at the Crown Jewel premium live event (PLE) in Saudi Arabia on November 4th. Facing Logan Paul, his challenger scored the win to snag the title, in an incredibly intense match.

During the last edition of SmackDown, the WWE star got into with Santos Escobar. Escobar felt as if the WWE Hall of Famer was siding with Carlito in their dispute.

As such, Escobar laid Rey out, turning heel in the process. Looks like this could have been a way to write the WWE star out of SmackDown storylines, moving forward.

The WWE Hall of Famer is a WWE Hall of Famer for a reason. With over 20 years in the WWE, he has “done it all”.

From three-time WWE titleholder to two-time IC champion, three-time United States Champion, three-time Cruiserweight titleholder, and a five-time tag team champion. He also made company history with his son Dominik by being the first father-son tag team champion and was a 2006 Royal Rumble winner.