Top AEW Star Seemingly Frustrated Over Promo Time

A top AEW star recently vented about a lack of television promo time, via social media. Is she upset or is this a swerve?

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AEW has three different television programs to highlight the talents of their major superstars. They have a big roster, but surely there is promo time for one of their top performers, who also happens to be a former champion, right?

Top AEW Star Airs Frustration Over Promo Time On Social Media

Former AEW Women’s Champion, Britt Baker, hopped on X/Twitter during a recent Dynamite to reveal an interesting stat. She’s been absent from TV for a while, so the numbers she posted were quite fascinating.

As you can see from the tweet above, she doesn’t seem overly pleased that she hasn’t been on television as of late. While she didn’t say anything outright, she implies a lot there.

She’s always been very strong on the mic, so the fact that she hasn’t been given promo time speaks volumes. While no reason has been stated as to why Baker hasn’t been on television as of late, it could be creative and having no storyline.

Still, some fans can’t help but think this could be a swerve. After all, MJF’s attackers remain a mystery but continue to lurk in the shadows.

This week on Dynamite, they attacked the AEW Champion in the ring. With that being said, Samoa Joe did come to his save.

AEW Star Promo Time
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This set up a tag match for next week’s show after MJF agreed to a mysterious challenge. The identity of the “Devil” leader of this group is still unknown.

Could it be Britt Baker? Anything is possible in the land of wrestling, right?

After all, there are huge question marks around why she hasn’t been onscreen. Plus, the fact that she called him out in the tweet could provide some hints.

AEW Star Promo Time
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Perhaps she’s not the Devil, but this storyline could lead up to her return. Only time will tell.

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