Kicking Off The New Season : RAW In A Nutshell

This week's RAW In a Nutshell has a simple theme...we are kicking off the new season for the red brand.

This week’s RAW In a Nutshell has a simple theme…we are kicking off the new season for the red brand.

And if we are being honest, this one might be a tough nut to crack.

Hear me out, as I sit here with two separate screens going…but it’s a big RAW…but also the league championship series are underway for baseball.

And, if you’ve been with me for a bit, you’d know…I am a Philly guy, so I am a Phillies fan.

Anyways, enough baseball for now…it is the “season premiere” for RAW, much as we saw on SmackDown this past Friday.

The big draws this week? How about Bronson Reed challenging GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship, and Cody and Jey defend their titles against Judgement Day.

I’d call those a couple of big attractions, and I am sure there will be others we aren’t even hyped up for.

So, with that said…

Kicking Off The New Season
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Kicking Off A New Season : RAW In A Nutshell

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and see what happens!

Best Match of the night:

At a minimum, the battle between GUNTHER and Bronson Reed gets a nod.

Maybe not the prettiest, but it was a violent affair in the ring. The tough part for some was that both Superstars were (or are) heels…but maybe this was a little bit of a mini-turn for Reed?

The main event was good too, though I was not overly thrilled with how things ended up (almost too much interference plus not a fan of yet another title change in short order).

Worst match of the night:

I’d be tempted to hate on Shayna versus Raquel…but if so, the end of the match chaos made up for it.

And that chaos? It gives us a fatal 5 way at Crown Jewel, with Raquel’s title on the line.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Big Sami chants.

Star of the Night

I mean, it’s worth mentioning Jade Cargill.

Huge free agent signing, went right to the Performance Center and just as fast she’s been shown off on every WWE television program.

Kicking Off The New Season
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Sami did well in his first night following the KO trade to the blue brand.

Jey is over. Like really over.

Cody is even more over.

The way things are going…hear me out…Drew takes out Seth for the title in Saudi Arabia…and Jey challenges him for it (and wins)…eventually.

Kicking Off The New Season
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Spot of the Night:

If this wasn’t THE spot of the night…it’s surely a contender, no?

Jobber of the Night:

I have to go with Natalya here.

Upset of the Night:

After what Pearce booked for Crown Jewel…Rhea Ripley was not happy.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Can Indi get her title back? Sounds like she will get a shot, which should be fun.

LOL Moment of the night:

Tozawa sneaking into the workout segment with Alpha Academy and New Day. He is a poor man’s R-Truth.

Noteworthy Moment:

OK, it didn’t start on RAW, but RAW did cover what happened over the weekend and what has followed.

Logan Paul won his (terrible) “boxing” match over the weekend…and wrapped it up by challenging Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship.

Mysterio followed up on that with an appearance on main stream sports radio, confirming that we would see Logan Paul on Friday.

This feels like a match being set up for Crown Jewel…and I cringe if it’s a means for them to put a title on Paul.

Sure, he may be a big spot guy and he looks at home there…but he’s not someone worth a title, in my opinion.

Also…right after getting hyped for barely ever missing a show…

We had an Indus Sher sighting on RAW…

Vinci got his orders, next week he needs to have Gargano on a stretcher. With Ciampa “not cleared” this week, want to bet he’s back next week?

And maybe with Dexter?

The main event deserves a mention, and it was good…but I am kind of wondering…was it almost too much?

I’d love to see the titles split, for one (see point later), but lots of interference and perhaps we can get an Indus Sher or Alpha Academy or someone holding the tag gold?

Overall lowlights:

Too many oddly timed commercials, either right before or in the middle of big matches.

Like, guys…it is a scripted show. Sure, some things run over…but…you generally know where you can drop them in.

Overall highlights:

This is a very good point, I couldn’t have said it any better…

I would say it’s time to either make a single pair of belts, like the women’s tag belts…or split them.

Lots happening, liked the title matches and love the cameos by Cargill.

She’s captivating and exciting, and she doesn’t need to do too much yet, which is just incredible.

After the final bell:

Busy season premiere, and I was generally happy with it.

One thing that was heavy tonight, and has been, and maybe it’s getting overdone, is the run-ins.

Sure, that’s what Judgement Day and the Bloodline do, and I am nearly certain things are setting us up for Survivor Series WarGames…but…too much is not always good.

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