Does WWE Actually Want CM Punk?

With all the talk and apparent hints...does WWE actually want CM Punk?

Does WWE Actually Want CM Punk
Credit: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

With all the talk and apparent hints…does WWE actually want CM Punk?

As the fans continue to read between the lines, from Graves’ lines on Friday’s commentary, to Nakamura delivering a rendition of the G2S on RAW…

There have been teases, if WWE wanted them to be there.

According to Fightful, those are not planned, purely coincidental things.

That report goes quite a few steps further and in doing so, aims to toss a wet blanket on the Punk-WWE return rumors.

So before we get into the meat of it, we should ask…

Does WWE Actually Want CM Punk?

And the answer, as of this moment? That would be no.

Does WWE Actually Want CM Punk
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Per Fightful, WWE is coming out with this statement because fans are at a fever pitch, and everyone expects a big Punk return at Survivor Series, which just so happens to be in Chicago.

And based on timing, he should be free and clear of AEW contractual control by then.

But, as the reports go, the two sides have not talked, and are not talking.

We’ve heard that Punk has put out feelers, both before and after his release.

Thus far, it seems like WWE is playing hard to get.

The strategy does make sense. After all, there are still Superstars working on RAW and SmackDown with whom Punk has had heat.

Any Punk return would probably be good for business in the short term, but it would need a lot of fences mended.

Plus, based on the past year of his career, everyone is well aware of the drama Punk could bring with him.

The reality is this…until Punk signs with WWE, these stories will persist. We all saw this prior to his AEW debut, fans love CM Punk.

Does WWE Actually Want CM Punk
source: @patricktheheel, twitter, screenshot

And, like him or not, whatever you think of the drama and baggage…Punk in WWE could be great business.

Triple H may have won creative control…but last I checked, Endeavor likes making money.

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