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It’s been talked about since WrestleMania 39 this past April, but WWE has “officially” merged with the UFC to form TKO Group Holdings. As such, the President on the wrestling side of things, Nick Khan, sent a message out on Tuesday morning, to all employees of the company.

WWE Merger “Official”

The day is finally here. The new company began on the New York Stock Exchange under the ‘TKO’ ticker symbol.

Endeavor now owns both companies and while they will be run as separate entities, they do land under the same ‘TKO’ umbrella. This means Vince McMahon will still act as CEO of the wrestling side of things, with Triple H leading creative, and Nick Khan the President.

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Nick Khan Sends “Official” Message To Staff – New Policies

Brandon Thurston, who reports on the wrestling business, hopped on X this morning to share an email Nick Khan sent to his staff. The “tweet” is below.

As you can see, he officially announced the TKO merger and trading news, as well as declaring the creation of a “new” premium sports and entertainment organization. He thanks all staff for their commitment and hard work to achieving this milestone.

With that being said, Khan also talks about “transition” and more details coming. He also touches on the fact that new procedures and policies will be rolled down the pipe.

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Khan acknowledges that when companies “change” it can feel like “uncertain times”. Still, he promises that the “special” culture the organization has cultivated over the years will be preserved as both TKO companies now grow “together”.

Khan closes the email by stating the company will continue to focus on “work” throughout this “transition” and will ensure to communicate things along the way. He concludes it all with one last “thank you”.