Judgement Day Plans Changed

Judgement Day Plans Changed
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Somewhat more surprising while under new leadership, Judgement Day plans changed for this past episode of RAW.

As we know, other plans had been changed as well, most notably with WWE changing the Superstar answering Becky Lynch’s open challenge changing.

In that instance, we were initially expecting lightly used Tegan Nox, but things changed and WWE pivoted to Natalya.

Judgement Day Plans Changed
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

There is a believe that the Natalya swap was driven by how many within the company have taken note at how she’s been consistently stepping up.

Thus far, any Judgement Day plans that got changed, to the best of our knowledge, had no such motivating story.

Judgement Day Plans Changed

RAW kicked off Monday with Cody Rhodes and Dom Mysterio working a one on one bout.

Ignoring the fact that Cody beat Dom way too fast and way too clean….things were supposed to go a lot differently.

Rhea Ripley was not on the September 18th episode of RAW. But, just because Dom didn’t have Mami, didn’t mean he was going to the ring without backup.

We did see Finn Balor and Damien Priest get involved, but as noted, no Mami…but also no JD McDonagh.

According to reports, Mysterio coming out to stand alone was not an accident, but it also was not supposed to go as it did.

Rather than having Priest and Balor stick their noses in Dom’s match, the initial plan was to have McDonagh get involved.

Judgement Day plans changed
source: @jsilvermanAEW, twitter, screenshot

That would go along with the Irish Ace’s current storyline…wanting to be in the Judgement Day, but not yet accepted.

In the end, no McDonagh, and also no win for Dirty Dom.

Per Fightful, no reason has yet been given (and probably won’t be) as to why McDonagh was not involved in Monday’s show.

Given what’s happened in recent weeks, all signs still point to McDonagh being involved moving forward.

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