Bill DeMott Finally Speaks
source: @allan_cheapshot, twitter, screenshot

More than 8 years after it happened, Bill DeMott finally speaks about WWE departure, the sale of the company and more.

No, the sale was not 8 years ago. The big hook is his remarks about why he departed the company amid allegations leveled against him.

DeMott, the former Hugh Morrus in WCW, spent his time in WWE working as a coach and trainer in NXT.

Fans got to see him on Tough Enough and he was well-known, but in 2015, his time with WWE came to a screeching halt.

In March of that year, DeMott resigned from his position within the company, after being accused of mistreating an NXT talent as well as making inappropriate comments.

For his part, he denied any wrong-doing, but at that time felt that resigning was in the best interest in doing no further harm to WWE.

Bill DeMott Finally Speaks
source: @allan_cheapshot, twitter, screenshot

Bill DeMott Finally Speaks About WWE Departure

Now, well after the fact, the retired wrestler sat down for an extended chat.

During part of it, he discussed what happened with WWE and Vince McMahon over the past year and change, from his fall from grace up till the sale.

Without getting into specifics, he did say that you have to respect that McMahon was able to borrow a million dollars for his initial purchase, and turn it into nine billion dollars.

Not a bad return on investment.

As for his departure and why he said very little and effectively disappeared?

He noted that he had been with NXT since it was known as FCW. When the initial allegations popped up, WWE investigated and found nothing (as has happened before…).

However, in the days of social media, we know that the court of public opinion can either find what others cannot…or just put so much heat on a company that even when there is no evidence, change is needed.

And, DeMott noted that he had made a promise to Triple H, who at that time was in charge of NXT.

Bill DeMott Finally Speaks
source: @bswrestling, twitter, screenshot

Knowing that digging his heels in and fighting would do no one any good, he respected the promise to his boss and stepped away.