Samoa Joe
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During a recent interview, AEW superstar Samoa Joe took the opportunity to publicly address CM Punk’s All In incident that led to his departure.

Samoa Joe Addresses the CM Punk/All In Incident

The AEW superstar is the most recent talent from All Elite Wrestling to talk about CM Punk’s exit from the company. Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho have also addressed it.

Punk’s departure occurred shortly after an altercation between him and Jack Perry at AEW’s All In pay-per-view, which took place at London’s Wembley Stadium. Joe also happens to be the last wrestler to work with Punk in AEW, as they had a match that night at the event.

The face-off between Perry and Punk *almost* caused the All In card to be reshuffled, due to the fact that Punk was so upset. His match against Punk was next on the schedule; however, from the sounds of it, Joe was able to calm Punk down so they could move forward with the bout.

Samoa Joe
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Talking with the New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski, the AEW star was asked about the All In incident. He notes that overall, he hasn’t read what’s “been portrayed”.

He goes on to say he’s also not one to go and try to “debunk” everything. The talent added that there was an incident, but everyone rallied and got together to do the show.

He notes that was “really the focus” at that time. The star states that they had a huge event to perform in, and it was important that “we” step up and do it.

He added that he was “proud” to be a part of it. He was also asked if the situation was as serious as AEW’s Tony Khan stated it was.

Samoa Joe
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For those who recall, Khan said that he feared for his own life during the All In incident and Punk potentially endangered innocent lives, backstage. The AEW star states that it’s up to “whoever perceived it”.

He also reveals that he’s used to that type of environment, so those things don’t seem intense to him, but it could be to someone else. In addition, he notes that he wasn’t overly affected by the incident, rather, he focused on getting things back on track as it was almost “bell time”.