Maria Kanellis
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Maria Kanellis-Bennett is mostly a manager nowadays, but she could be preparing for a final pro wrestling run because of her children.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett Debates 1 Final Wrestling Run

Maria Kanellis-Bennett is a very busy woman. Besides taking care of her family, she is a model, manager and former pro wrestler. 

Now, she is thinking about making a slight tweak to her job duties. Basically, she is thinking about having one more run inside a wrestling ring and it is all because of her children.

On a recent episode of AEW’s Unrestricted podcast, Maria Kanellis-Bennett spoke about getting inside the squared one final time.

“[My daughter] wants me to wrestle, so does my son,” said Kanellis-Bennett. “They didn’t see that part of my life, but they want to and they’re interested.” 

“So, it’s almost like you have to kinda re-do it a little bit so they can see it. I don’t know. I truly felt like I was done, my last match I had was at WrestleMania 35, it was after I had my daughter and right before I got pregnant with my son.” 

“When I walked out, I was like ‘I don’t think this is for me anymore. I don’t think the wrestling part is for me anymore.”

Maria Kanellis-Bennett
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“Maybe one, maybe one more run wrestling. We’ll see, if it comes up.”

Currently, she is featured as part of the ROH roster. But, she has been known to make a few appearances on AEW’s Dynamite or Rampage show. So far, she has not worked anything for Collision.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett lasted wrestle in 2019, in a mixed tag team match with her husband, Mike Bennett. Besides AEW and ROH, she had a decent presence in WWE and Impact Wrestling.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett
Source: @WRESTLEZONEcom, Twitter, Screenshot

So, do our fans want to see Maria Kanellis-Bennett step inside that ring once more as a competitor?