New Jack
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New Jack was heavily discussed to be part of a John Cena angle, but, in the end, WWE decided to go a different direction.

WWE Prepared To Bring New Jack Into John Cena Angle

WWE is usually open to the idea of brining in talent from other promotions. Of course, there are some wrestlers WWE opts not to use for various reasons.

When WCW and ECW folded, we saw a bunch of names join WWE. Some lasted, while others did not amount to much be before leaving or being released. 

Years ago, New Jack claimed WWE wanted to bring him in as Carlito’s bodyguard. Few believed the story because of New Jack’s violent past and history with drugs.

Well, it turns out he was not lying. The idea was for New Jack to play that role, before WWE had someone else take that spot.

On the latest “Something to Wrestle,” Bruce Prichard went over how the whole process played out.

“I don’t think anybody wanted to touch him because of his reputation and unpredictability,” said Prichard. “But, yes, it may have been during this time that he was actually discussed.” 

“But never to the point of, ‘Alright, who is gonna go pitch that one to Vince?’ The reputation preceded itself.”

New Jack
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Prichard even spoke about Paul Heyman, who was not thrilled with the idea of brining in New Jack as told WWE to be prepared for controversy.

When it comes to being known, New Jack always got people talking. If ECW was to be associated with extreme action and that dangerous lifestyle, then he was the perfect.

He would have never lasted in WWE. He seems like someone who did take directions very well.

Sadly, he passed away in May 2021 at 58 years old. He had been sick after living in such a strenuous way. The death was officially ruled a heart attack.

New Jack
Source: @UsaJaun, Twitter, Screenshot

So, would New Jack have been the right addition to WWE or was that simply not a good fit?