ECW Icon New Jack Passes Away At 58 Years Old

New Jack Passes Away
Source: CZW Combat Zone Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Another ECW wrestler has passed away as New Jack is gone. He was 58 years old and recently recovering from surgery. 

ECW Icon New Jack Passes Away At 58 Years Old

Sad news to report as New Jack, real name Jerome Young, passed away at 58 years old. His wife confirmed the news to  PW Insider.

As of now, there is no cause of death. 

New Jack was and remains one of the most controversial wrestlers on the planet. He found success in ECW and eventually landed in XPW.

Also, he worked sporadicly in Impact Wrestling during their early years. He retired in 2013, but returned three years later.

His final match came against C.W. Anderson and Shane Douglas before taking time off for surgery. That bout took place earlier this year.

He was known for taking dangerous bumps off anything he could climb. And, his stiff work style also caught the attention of many.

Turbulent Past

He was part of the 1996 Mass Transit incident. The event saw Erich Kulas lie to Paul Heyman that he was 21 and let New Jack blade him.

The cut was deep, but that was only the beginning as Kulas was 17 at the time. That led to a lawsuit and caused an ECW pay per view to be temporarily cancelled.

Kulas passed away in 2002 from gastric bypass surgery complications. To this day, New Jack did not take any fault.

In 2002, New Jack was one again in the center of controversy. In a Scaffold Match for XPW, New Jack sent Vic Grimes crashing 40 feet below through tables.

For the most part, Grimes missed all but two tables during his fall. The spot resulted in several injuries.

Later, New Jack said he tried to kill Grimes during the spot. A few more feet and that might have happened.

New Jack never made it to WWE as his style would would not meshed with the top wrestling promotion. He wrestled until his untimely passing and never let go of that hardcore wrestling style.

During season two of Dark Side Of The Ring, New Jack was featured in episode three.

He won a few titles along with the way, including runs as ECW Tag Team Champion with Mustafa Saed on two occasions and once with John Kronus. 

From everyone at Wrestle Newz, we send our condolences to the friends and family of New Jack.

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New Jack Passes Away

Source: CZW Combat Zone Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

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