AEW Star Sees Their Role Expanding
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

As talent sticks around, they often get pushes and promotions…and now, one AEW star sees their role expanding.

And, it’s a pretty popular star at that.

Fresh off of making some history for the young wrestling promotion, one of the company’s earliest mainstays has gotten himself some new responsibilities.

Specifically, Orange Cassidy, the current International Champion, has been doing work as a producer and agent.

The news comes via Fightful.

AEW Star Sees Their Role Expanding

AEW Star Sees Their Role Expanding
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Life is busy enough when you are one of a wrestling company’s major champions…which Cassidy currently is.

Before becoming a champion, however, he was still arguably one of their hotter acts.

That’s a good reason why he was rewarded with a nice title reign, for sure.

The backstage role expanding is a sign that people in charge of shows trust him and his ability to put a match together.

Or, considering it is a relatively new move, this could be a trial run.

Regardless of whether this is a probationary period or not, some more veteran minds in the back saw something in Cassidy.

That something led them to have him produce at least a couple matches. Per the report, he was pulling the strings for one recent AEW tag match (Big Bill/Brian Cage versus Trent and Matt Sydal), as well as one Ring of Honor match (Infantry versus The Kingdom).

To me, the limited match count shows that this expanded role is relatively new, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

While his in ring persona may be a bit unconventional and certainly not in the mold of so many prototypical wrestling stars, it works for him.

Orange Cassidy is surely one of the smarter (actual degree smarts, NJIT graduate there!) wrestlers in the ring today.

AEW Star Sees Their Role Expanding
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

It’s going to be fun watching what he can do behind the scenes to help other talents put together memorable matches of their own.