Does WWE Desire A Surprising AEW Talent?

Any company wants good performers...but does WWE desire a surprising AEW talent?

Desire A Surprise AEW Talent
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Any company wants good performers…but does WWE desire a surprising AEW talent?

And…does that AEW talent have similar interest in WWE?

To be fair, especially just about a year into the new management’s regime, WWE bosses are keeping eyes open for any new stars.

But, since Triple H ascended to his new post, if there is any knock on him, it would be this: most all of the big signings he’s made have been previously released WWE Superstars.

That could change soon. And, up until now, it wasn’t because of a lack of interest.

For example, WWE was in on Jay White, but things fell apart.

It is believed that there is or was interest in The Elite, but it also looks more likely that the AEW VPs will stick with their current employer.


Does WWE Desire A Surprising AEW Talent?

Indeed they do, and what is even more intriguing…the talent seems to have someone big in his corner that wants him to jump ship.

The AEW talent? That would be Hook.

As for the someone big in his corner? Former ECW and WWE Superstar Taz, who of course is also Hook’s dad.

Per a report via WrestlingNews.co, sourced from BWE on Twitter, both Shawn Michaels and Triple H are said to be quite high on Hook.

And, Taz is reportedly very inclined to have his son take the WWE offer and run with it.

BWE has been quite plugged in before, providing some solid scoops and insight, so chances are there’s something to this.

But, the one part I do wonder about is whether or not Taz is a big believer in making the jump.

For a couple reasons.

One, even if he was wanting Hook to make the change…given his job, I feel like he’d not put that on the record beyond being a supportive parent.

Two…the day job…Taz is a part of the AEW announce team. He may want Hook to jump…but something does not compute for me.

Now, what if there is another curve…and what if Taz also wants to jump?

The former ECW Champion has done quite well calling matches, something he did for WWE before.

And, it’s hard to argue that WWE could use a new voice, whether because Michael Cole wants to retire, or because Graves needs a better partner.

Desire A Surprising AEW Talent
source: @spann72, twitter, screenshot

Could both father and son be leaving AEW? Or will WWE have to merely focus on Hook?

Stay tuned!

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