Chris Hero Hasn't Wrestled
source: @itlistpodcast, twitter, screenshot

A popular wrestler who has worked all around the globe, Chris Hero hasn’t wrestled final match yet.

Emphasis on yet…but he’s been asked about it.

Now, if you aren’t a hardcore independent wrestling fan, there’s a chance you don’t recognize the name Chris Hero.

So, to be clear…this is the man also known as Kassius Ohno, who enjoyed time in NXT.

But, outside of NXT, he is know as Chris Hero…and…

Chris Hero Hasn’t Wrestled Final Match Yet

Recently, Hero sat down with the Fightful podcast to address his current status.

Chris Hero Hasn't Wrestled
source: @itlistpodcast, twitter, screenshot

Which is a nice way of saying, they asked the former NXT Superstar and coach if he was retired.

Hero responded with an emphatic no, noting that if he retired, we’d all know it and there would have been much pomp and circumstance.

Instead, the long time performer opted to call himself inactive, noting that he just can’t walk away from an industry he’s spent 20+ years in.

We last saw Hero working in the ring for an NXT UK battle royal, but that was three years ago now.

At one point, he was considered one of the best wrestlers on the independent circuit. However, it is believed that his run with WWE (in NXT) was derailed because certain leadership viewed him as out of shape.

While he may not have had the chiseled physique that other top stars had, Chris Hero had (and has) tons of talent.

Even with Triple H now in a much bigger role within the company, a return to WWE seems unlikely for now.

Chris Hero Hasn't Wrestled
source: @itlistpodcast, twitter, screenshot

But, the man NXT fans knew as the Knockout Artist has other options. When asked about a possible reunion with some former indy mates (who are in Ring of Honor and AEW), he simply said “never say never”.

It certainly sounds like Hero isn’t ready to hang them up…and if anything, he’s just waiting for the right opportunity, should it present itself.