More Matt Riddle Troubles Ahead?

The RAW Superstar has had plenty of issues, and he only just returned...are more Matt Riddle troubles ahead?

More Matt Riddle Troubles
Credit: @johnreport, twitter, screenshot

The RAW Superstar has had plenty of issues, and he only just returned…are more Matt Riddle troubles ahead?

That seems to be the case, based on some disturbing things that hit social media on Monday evening.

To be frank, given the company he seems to keep and decisions he’s made…I suppose this could have been avoidable.

So…more Matt Riddle troubles ahead?

The Original Bro missed the early chunk of 2023 as he was doing a stint in rehab.

It can also be said that his time away and out of the spotlight probably wasn’t a bad thing for his image.

More Matt Riddle Trouble
source: @johnreport, twitter, screenshot

For Riddle, he’s had no shortage of controversies, and many seem to be of his own making.

He’s gone through a bitter divorce. There have been accusations of cheating and of him treating his partners horribly.

These are all relatively recent allegations, too. This says nothing of his early time in WWE where he was known to ruffle feathers for his comments about veteran Superstars.

So…why not add some more Matt Riddle troubles, right?

As RAW was airing this week, someone apparently decided to leak some rather sensitive imagery.

Riddle, as you might expect, did not react kindly to the leak.

Kids, this is where it’s worth pointing out : if you don’t want intimate videos or images of you leaked online…don’t take any.

That being said, he’s an adult, and if he wants to do that…it’s his choice.

But, whatever he and his partners choose to do…leaking the videos wasn’t his choice.

More Matt Riddle Trouble
source: @SASportWWE, twitter, screenshot

Yes, we could spend plenty of time debating who leaked it or why, but there isn’t a point for that now.

Something was leaked, and it naturally did not sit well with Matt Riddle.

Given his past issues and recent rehab stint, it’s worth at least asking…is Riddle becoming more trouble than he’s worth?

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