More Accusations Against Riddle, Could Superstar Return Soon?

more accusations against riddle
Credit: @superkingofbros, twitter, screenshot

To say the week has been crazy for him would be an understatement, and now there are more accusations against Riddle. Plus, could a Superstar return soon?

More Accusations Against Riddle

While he did get his name back, he has also seen his ex-girlfriend go off on him on Twitter…and now she has lobbed more accusations against Riddle.

We had previously covered her dragging him on Twitter.

Things went from bad, to worse.

Now, Riddle’s ex-Daniella Petrow, an OnlyFans model-has delivered more accusations against the WWE Superstar.

This latest row is not Riddle’s first experience with messy domestic situations, unfortunately.

With the history of accusations against Riddle, founded or not, you do have to begin to wonder.

Here is what his ex had to say most recently, warning for salty language:

She also posted a video message:

Now, there are a couple ways to look at this unfolding situation.

First, as Petrow brings up more accusations against Riddle…could WWE put the Superstar on the shelf?

It is possible. We do not know, and may never know, Riddle’s side of things.

Second, maybe WWE won’t…because maybe this is more a bitter breakup with an ex having regrets.

To be clear, some of the accusations are effectively alleging non-consensual relations and abusive behavior.

There is no excuse for that.

But, many fans on Twitter responded to her accusations with some interesting points of their own.

One other point that was made-such iMessage conversations are not impossible to fake.

That is, get a friend or a second account, name the contacts and talk. Not saying she did this…but some in her comments have.

Thus far, Matt Riddle has not responded. While he was accused of similarly bad behavior, that fizzled out.

more accusations against riddle

source: @superkingofbros, twitter, screenshot

It does seem, if nothing else, Riddle has an interesting lifestyle that unfortunately puts him in these situations.

He should not abuse women-no one should. But, for now, he is innocent until proven otherwise.

Could Superstar Return Soon?

In other news, could one missing female Superstar return soon?

Carmella has not been seen in a bit. It’s been said she has missed time due to a suspected concussion.

The Superstar was asked on Twitter, and gave this response:

According to PWInsider, WWE expectations and plans have Carmella returning to the road next month.

more accusations against riddle

source: @carmellawwe, twitter, screenshot

Now, with head injuries, there is no exact timeline. She might feel great today, and wake up less than 100% and plans change.

Still, it seems we might see her back in the next few weeks. And with her return, the suddenly deeper women’s division will get even stronger.

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