One half of the current Raw Tag Team Champions Scott Dawson has called out for more tag teams to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. After taking a look at past inductions, there is indeed a shortage of tag team inductions.

We agree with Dawson that there should be more tag teams initiated into the Hall of Fame. Here are some of the people we think belong in the Hall of Fame as a tag team. (please note, I did not include the tag teams on the active roster).

The Hart Foundation

Hart Foundation

While the Hart Foundation is not just a tag team, but also a faction, they should undoubtedly be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Good news for fans though, as there are rumors that the Hart Foundation could be added to the 2019 Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Given the recent death of Jim Neidhart and the track record of the Hart Foundation, I cannot understand why they are not in the Hall of Fame already as a faction. Strange!



While not everyone may remember Demolition, they were quite the dominant tag team in the former WWF. The tag team conquered the WWF tag team championships three times and still hold the record as longest reigning WWF tag team champions.

Edge and Christian

Edge and Christian

When you talk about iconic tag teams from recent history, you cannot pass on Edge and Christian. The pair is responsible for some of the most iconic tag team moments, ranging from their rivalry with the Hardy Boyz to the many funny moments they created.

The British Bulldogs

British Bulldogs

There are more iconic wrestling tag teams that should be included in the Hall Of Fame. One of the most iconic is probably the tag team of The British Bulldogs, ranked among the top tag teams in history. The pair did not only gain fame through the WWE though, as Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid also graced New Japan with their presence.

The Mega Powers

The Mega Powers

A tag team that contains some of the biggest names in wrestling history is undoubtedly the tag team of The Mega Powers. The Mega Powers consisted of Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. The pair were also accompanied by Miss Elizabeth, which makes this tag team stand out even more.

More Iconic Tag Teams Who Deserve the Honor

Naturally, there are a bunch of other tag teams who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Tag team wrestling is becoming bigger with each passing year as well, just look at the success of The Usos and The New Day. Once they retire from wrestling, I would be surprised if they did not get a spot into the Hall Of Fame.

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