Becky Lynch Reveals All During Interview on Edge and Christian Podcast

The WWE Universe cannot get enough of Becky Lynch, which means it is the perfect time for an appearance on the Edge and Christian PodcastThe interview certainly proved interesting, with Becky revealing some interesting facts about herself and her career. Here are some of the highlights!

She Felt Insulted During a TMZ Interview

Becky Lynch

Becky felt quite insulted during an interview with TMZ Sports. During the interview, a reporter asked her if she believed the WWE could REALLY sell enough tickets for Evolution. Needless to say, the comment did not go down well with “The Man.”

Edge Could Not Get Her Booed

Becky Lynch

An extremely confident Edge sought to get Becky Lynch booed despite her popularity. Edge admitted that he realised he could not get Becky booed within five minutes of his in-ring interview. Talk about big mistakes!

She Could Not Pay Her Rent with Her First Wrestling Wage

Becky Lynch

When Becky started working the indie circuit, she earned a very meager wage. In fact, she only earned $30 on her first wrestling match, not enough to pay her rent!

Eventually, Natalya helped Becky to get onto a Japanese wrestling tour, which gave her a wage of $1000. Certainly better than her first wage!

She Was Disappointed with Evolution Ladder Height

Becky Lynch

Despite her popularity, Becky was a little disappointed with the size of her ladder at Evolution. Fortunately, she learned quickly and demanded a bigger ladder for TLC. The result was epic!

She Wanted to Do More for Her Fans

Becky Lynch

Many members of the WWE Universe have been supporting Becky for years. In 2017, fans were clamoring for a Becky championship reign. Unfortunately, the WWE kept refusing, despite the heavy support for Lynch.

During the interview on the Edge and Christian Podcast, Becky admitted it felt great to finally pay back fans for their support by becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Edge Supported Becky Backstage at WrestleMania 34

Becky Lynch

Fighting during the pre-show Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34, it is no surprise Becky was disappointed with her minor role at the major event.

Once the match was over, she vented to Edge about her worries. While Edge knew that Becky was being misused by the WWE, he told her to “keep doing what you’re doing.” Now, it has finally paid off for her.

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