Sad news for Lana and Rusev fans! During Lilian Garcia’s ‘Chasing Glory’ podcast, The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian revealed they will not be returning to the hit show ‘Total Divas.’ Rusev and Lana stated this was a personal decision when E! Network approached them for another season.

With a spot opening on ‘Total Divas,’ an opportunity arises for another female superstar to take Lana’s place. The opportunity could also be interesting to us, as Sonya Deville will be joining the cast!

Sonya About Joining ‘Total Divas’

Sonya Deville

Deville has been interviewed and asked about her upcoming role in ‘Total Divas.’ Here are some of the take-home statements she made during that interview.

“Obviously I’m nervous, because any time you have cameras in your personal life, inside your home, in your relationship, it is obviously nerve racking,”

Interestingly, Sonya is currently dating none other than Zahra Schreiber. While this name might ring a little bell in your head, you are not wrong. Schreiber used to date Seth Rollins. In fact, a lot of drama followed Zahra in the spotlight. First, fans hounded her after it was revealed she was Seth’s mistress during the time he was engaged to his now ex- fiancée Leighla Schultz. Zahra also wrestled for NXT, but was promptly fired on August 31, 2015 after it came to light she had Nazi memorabilia in her home in Saginaw, which were revealed on social media. Of course, due to all these facts, Sonya’s relationship with Zahra will be under a huge magnifying glass.

“My girlfriend will be on this season with me, and so that’s a big thing for her because she’s not in the public eye like I am. She’s not used to cameras in her face. It’s going to be an adjustment for her as well, and our relationship.”

This statement stood out for me for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, I do not have the highest opinion of Zahra Schreiber, mainly due to the things that happened with her in the past. Zahra has also lashed out at many wrestling reporters and podcasters, claiming they all want her on the show. If she made mistakes in the past and is actually quite decent, I’m sure we will see it in ‘Total Divas.’ Sonya seems like a girl with her head screwed on, so maybe we need to give Zahra another chance. I’m holding back on my opinion for now, but I have a zero tolerance for anything racist.

Despite my reservations of Sonya’s girlfriend, I am excited she has this opportunity. Sonya had a bit of trouble getting away from underneath Mandy’s shadow. As a tag team, she has come into the spotlight a little more. ‘Total Divas’ could give her even more exposure and cement her as a WWE superstar.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose at Elimination Chamber

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

If you want more Sonya Deville this week, you will not have to wait long. Sonya will participate in Elimination Chamber this Sunday, battling it out with other female tag teams to become the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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