Diversity Is a Big Problem in the WWE

While the WWE likes to paint itself as a company of equality, the reality is anything but. The WWE’s contract with Saudi Arabia may be the first example that comes to mind, but a recent article in Forbes magazine shows that there might be a problem with black superstars too.

No Black Superstar Has Ever Competed for The WWE Universal Championship

Bobby Lashley

There might be some black superstars on the roster, but those superstars have never been a contender for the WWE Universal Championship. While Bobby Lashley could have been a contender, he was put in a match against Roman Reigns instead.

No Black Superstar Has Even Won The Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble

The WWE Universal Championship is not the only problem where diversity is concerned. In fact, when looking at the history of the Royal Rumble, the event has never been won by a black superstar.

One man has always been interesting to watch when it comes to the Royal Rumble, Kofi Kingston. He is often one of the most discussed people during the match as well. Despite all that publicity, he has never won it. Instead, he has become more of a funny attraction during the Rumble.

No African American Has Been WWE Champion

WWE champion

Despite a history spanning back sixty years, no African American superstar has ever held the WWE Championship belt. While we did have the likes of Jinder Mahal to hold the title in recent history, it is interesting that no African American has ever held it over a span of 60 years.

No Black Superstar Has Won Money in the Bank

Braun Strowman

The Royal Rumble is not the only WWE event that never had an African American winner. In fact, the Money In The Bank match has never been won by a black superstar either.

Now, one could argue that there are fewer black superstars in the company, which could be a valid point. Still, it leaves me wondering if the WWE’s recruiting policy may be more interested in obtaining superstars from American, English, Indian, and Japanese backgrounds?

Don’t get me wrong, the WWE has made some strides when it comes to diversity, but sometimes they go five steps back. When you encounter something like the Saudi contract, you do have to wonder just how important diversity and equality is for the company. It is not about equal opportunity, it is about money, just like any other company. However, not all companies are in the limelight like the WWE. They have a responsibility to set an example. Unfortunately, I do not think they are setting a good one at this point in time.

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