Many wrestlers have broken kayfabe at one point or another. Whether they burst out laughing in the middle of an intense promo or wave to their family when they think the camera is not on them. That being said, out of all the wrestlers out there, there’s one superstar that never broke kayfabe – The Undertaker.

It’s a Game

The Undertaker

The Undertaker was so good at not breaking kayfabe, wrestlers backstage made it a game to “crack him up.” They would attempt to make him laugh during promos, nothing was off limits. Only Triple H came close once, but still Undertaker did not break.

Stepping Back From Kayfabe

The Undertaker

Since his “retirement,” The Undertaker has been loosening up on kayfabe quite a bit. Just a few months ago, he joined Instagram. He now has his own Twitter account as well.

Kayfabe is still quite strong when looking at his instagram and Twitter though. He has put down numerous references to his character – The Undertaker – and even put up some highlights of matches. Still, there is time for some personal notes, as he tweeted:

“Bring it home today @dallascowboys !#AmericasTeam.”

Despite breaking kayfabe more often, and including more personal photographs with his wife Michelle McCool, The Undertaker is still stone-faced when it comes to in-ring work.

Being an iconic character in professional wrestling, I believe it can be quite limiting in terms of being yourself outside the ring. While Undertaker has been photographed in public outside of his character, many wrestling fans are always looking for signs of the character he portrays. So, it is nice to see he is taking a little step back from the kayfabe, giving him some time to be himself. For a daily dose of satire, check out Kayfabe News – Unreal news about an unreal sport.

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