WWE Evolution Veterans Celebrated!

WWE Evolution lit up the weekend and every woman on the roster put her heart and soul into the pay-per-view. Naturally, this includes the veterans — the women who paved the way for the current female superstars.

To give the participating veterans some extra attention, I’m giving you some quick facts on the veterans who competed or who were present at the event. So, without further ado, here are the ladies who impressed with their timeless nature at WWE Evolution.


Ivory may be 56 years old, but she is in outstanding shape. Even though she is often one of the most forgotten WWE wrestlers due to the booking she received back in the day, she won the WWF Women’s Championship three times. Looking back at her matches, it is also clear to see just how good she really is.

Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool, also known as the wife of the Undertaker, was certainly one of the most impressive female wrestlers in her day. Even though she is only 38, she had a lengthy and successful wrestling career before her retirement.

McCool won the WWE Divas Championship twice, the WWE Women’s Championship twice, and also obtained awards such as Diva of the Year. No wonder she impressed so much with her strength at Evolution!

Alundra Blayze

Alundra Blayze a.k.a. Madusa may be 54, but she was more than happy to teach some younger talent a lesson at Evolution. During her time in professional wrestling, Alundra won the WWF Women’s Championship three times and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship once.

Interesting fact — Alundra is also an accomplished Monster Truck driver and participated in USHRA Monster Jam World Finals!

Trish Stratus

The seven-time WWE Women’s Champion, one time WWE Hardcore Champion, Hall of Famer, Diva of the Decade… Those are just a few monikers Trish Stratus has obtained. Currently 41 years old and earning a good living as a yoga instructor, Trish looked remarkably flexible during her Evolution match.


Aged 43 and still in peak physical condition, the four time WWE Women’s Champion impressed alongside Trish Stratus at Evolution. In addition to her work within the wrestling circuit, she also founded an animal charity A.D.O.R.E. (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education).

Mickie James

At the age of 39 and a wrestling career that dates back to 1999, Mickie must be mentioned here as a veteran, despite the fact she is still active on the roster. Mickie has too many championships to mention including five-time WWE Women’s Champion, one time Diva’s Champion, and countless indie belts.



Even though Maryse did not compete in Evolution, she was in the audience alongside her husband “The Miz.”┬áMaryse won the WWE Divas Championship twice and shined brightly during a time where women’s wrestling was given limited time.

Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix complemented the commentary team, and she is certainly one of the trailblazers of women’s wrestling. In the ring, she was known as the Glamazon, conquering championships such as the WWE Divas Championship once, the WWE Women’s Championship three times, and Diva of the Year in 2008.

Kelly Kelly


Even though she had a minor role in the Battle Royal at Evolution, one cannot forget her importance. Even though she won the WWE Divas Championship only once, she was one of the most popular women’s wrestlers in her days.

Molly Holly


Molly Holly is another diva many people tend to forget. However, she is an accomplished female wrestler. She won the WWE Women’s Championship twice and the WWF Hardcore Championship once. In short, don’t mess with this lady.

Torrie Wilson


Another female wrestler who was a fan favorite in her day. Despite not gaining any massive accomplishments during her time in wrestling, she is just as recognizable as Trish Stratus or Lita. She is also very funny!

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