AJ Styles Heading To AEW Wrestling Too?

AEW is showing interest in some major stars. If rumor is to be believed, they could be eyeing up one of the biggest WWE stars at this point in time, AJ Styles.

Contract Set to Expire

AJ Styles

Styles has been a saving grace for SmackDown Live in a time where the company failed to pull a lot of people to their live events. The company wants to utilize Styles as much as possible, but Styles may be looking for something else.

AJ Styles’ contract is due to expire later in 2019, so it is the perfect time for AEW to make a move on the massive star. It is rumored they are willing to offer Styles a contract that matches that of Daniel Bryan on the WWE, so AEW could indeed be a greener pasture for The Phenomenal One.

Negotiations With the WWE

AJ Styles

In November 2018, it came to light that Styles was negotiating a new contract with the WWE. Ideally, the contract would involve fewer dates for Styles. When you consider the fact Styles is married with kids, it is certainly not a surprise he would like to spend a bit more time with them at this point in his life.

If the WWE is not willing to provide such a contract to Styles, because let’s face it he is one of the biggest audience pullers for SmackDown Live, AEW could easily provide Styles with the contract he wants. If rumor is to believed, Styles has yet to sign a new contract with his current employer the WWE, so the next couple of months could be extremely interesting to say the least.

Another point that could mean Styles joins the AEW roster is the personal history he has with the Young Bucks, since they also belonged to the Bullet Club. Of course, several former members of the Bullet Club are still employed by the WWE; this includes Gallows & Anderson and Finn Balor.

Since Styles is an extremely valuable asset for the WWE, it is unlikely the company will let his go easily. However, if the AEW is able to provide a financially beneficial contract with fewer dates, Styles could make the move nonetheless.

One thing is certain though, the WWE cannot afford to lose Styles at this point in time, especially since they need to reach 3.3 million weekly viewers over the next couple of months to honor their deal with Fox.

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