WWE Considering Queen of the Ring for 2019

After the success of Evolution, the WWE is going full steam ahead by giving women more exposure. Putting aside some of the ulterior motives of the WWE, there is now talk that the company is considering a Queen of the Ring all-women’s pay-per-view for 2019.

King of the Ring Versus Queen of the Ring

While it is still a rumor, it is believed that Queen of the Ring will be a rehashed version of WWE’s King of the Ring. The event is a single-elimination tournament. The original version was first held in 1985.

Queen of the Ring is likely to be held under similar rules and regulations, although it could be a good idea for the WWE to refresh the old idea. King of the Ring is iconic, so there is no reason why Queen of the Ring should not be either.

Will King of the Ring Return Too?

As you may know already, King of the Ring has not been held for a several of years. The last winner of the event was Bad News Barrett in 2015, who left a lasting impression as the last king.

The problem with King of the Ring is that the entire thing is a little outdated. At least, this is what the WWE believes. The real problem with King of the Ring in the past was poor booking, not to mention the lack of reward for winners.

Queen of the Ring and King of the Ring could be great events in theory, but we all know the dangers of WWE’s impromptu events. A prime example was the women’s battle royal, where the winner received very little in terms of title opportunities and overall clout in the women’s division.

If the WWE does decide to go ahead with the Queen of the Ring tournament, it must be done in the right manner. While I have no doubt the female roster will put on an amazing show, there must be some incentive to win the tournament. And it would need to be more than the tried and tested “queen” for a year.

When there are serious repercussions for losing Queen of the Ring, or some serious rewards for winning it, the entire event will actually mean something in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Unfortunately, a lot of WWE’s events have little repercussions, and this certainly leaves viewers a little deflated.

A Good or a Bad Idea?

After Evolution, I have no doubt there will be some great matches during this event. However, I do believe the idea for Queen of the Ring must evolve too. If they do decide to bring this event forward, creative must do something special with it. At least in my humble opinion.

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