The Worst Wrestling Characters of 2018

We had some poor storylines in 2018, but also some bad wrestling characters to boot. But which were the worst of the year? Let’s find out!

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal was mainly known as a heel maharajah with too much cash, but his gimmick took a dramatic U-turn in 2018. Going from a rich brat to announcing he found “tranquility,” the man of peace gimmick has not gone over well with the WWE universe.

The new Jinder Mahal may not click with the Universe, but for some reason I have not decided how I’m feeling about the gimmick. I found it mildly amusing, so I would not say it was the absolute worst gimmick of 2018. It does need some work though.

Drake Maverick’s Incident

Drake Maverick

When confronted by Big Show at Survivor Series, a storyline dictated that Drake Maverick had to wet himself. Honestly, this storyline was over and not necessary. Instead of the WWE Universe finding it amusing, most of them (including myself) found the storyline on the edge of bullying. While it was not real, it was far from funny.

The Bludgeon Brothers

The Bludgeon Brothers

Listen, I really want to like Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, but this Bludgeon Brothers gimmick is not doing it for me. It feels old, outdated, and not to mention out-of-touch with reality. If you are going to do a gimmick that invokes the impossible, surely you can do better than this? They need another gimmick.

Lucha House Party


I love each of these wrestlers, but this is flaming ridiculous. These are extremely talented people and their gimmick just takes the proverbial you-know-what!

Look, I would make this Lucha team a threat, not a laughing stock. We have The New Day, who uses a combination of humor and incredible in-ring ability. This Lucha House Party is a cheap rip off at this point. Give them a gimmick befitting their skill please!

Face Lashley

Even though the WWE have corrected the Lashley problem, they started off by making Lashley a cringe-worthy babyface. They put Lashley in a role that was unrealistic. A man with muscles like giant coconuts was being quite a wimp, leading to an even worse “Bobby Lashley’s sisters” segment at the hands of Sami Zayn. Enough said…

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