The Most Shocking Moments Of 2018! [VIDEOS]

While some of WWE television left much to be desired, there were still some shocking moments that will stay with us for a long time to come. Curious about the most shocking moments of 2018? Read on to find out!

Paige Retires from Wrestling

Fans could not believe their eyes and ears when Paige came out on April 9th and announced her retirement from wrestling. Despite being the youngest Divas Champion ever, and the fact she is only 26, a career-ending injury cut her future in pro wrestling short. Fortunately, she obtained a role as SmackDown’s manager shortly afterwards.

Titus Dives for the Rumble

While this moment was more funny than shocking, Titus has a tendency to take falls it would appear. The poor man was so excited to get into the match, he took a dive underneath the ring instead.

The Ultimate Deletion

We believed it would never happen, but we actually got an Ultimate Deletion match on WWE television! The creative freedom during the match was palpable, having me on the floor with laughter on more than one occasion.

Drew McIntyre Makes Kurt Angle Tap

Even though Drew McIntyre is one of the people who has kept Raw afloat over the past couple of months, nobody expected Drew would make Kurt tap. The way Kurt lost was quite devastating, as he got caught in his own Angle Lock.

Ruby Riott Uses Jim Neidhart’s Death

The WWE do not always have the best taste when it comes to story angles. Recently, Ruby Riott started to use the death of Natalya’s father, Jimmy “The Anvil” Neidhart, for storyline purposes. Needless to say, a lot of fans were far from impressed.

Drake Maverick Has an Accident in Survivor Series

In my opinion, WWE creative has sunk to the ultimate low by making Drake Maverick mess himself during Survivor Series. As the manager of 205 Live and the manager of powerful tag team Authors of Pain, what was the point?

Nakamura’s Low Blow

While low blows happen once every blue moon in the WWE, 2018 became the year of the low blows with Shinsuke Nakamura’s heel turn. The first was suffered by AJ Styles, and it started a new heel career for Nakamura.

Becky Turns

Even though everyone expected it to happen, Becky turning heel was one of the most shocking moments of 2018. In fact, many fans were cheering the fact Becky turned on her former friend. It has been a wonderful run for Becky ever since.

Asuka Loses Her Undefeated Streak

Asuka beat Goldberg by becoming the longest undefeated wrestler. Unfortunately, her streak unexpectedly came to an end after suffering a loss against Charlotte at WrestleMania.

Nicholas and Braun Strowman Become Tag Team Champions

While some saw the entire thing as pointless, I found the win mildly entertaining. Who would have thought a ten-year-old would go into the history books as the Raw tag team champion? Unfortunately, due to school obligations, Nicholas had to drop his title a day after his win.

Daniel Bryan Turns Heel

Nobody would have expected that fan favorite Daniel Bryan would turn heel – and frankly crazy – shortly after returning to the ring. It has paid off for him though, as heel Bryan gained the WWE Championship shortly after his heel turn.

Shane McMahon Becomes Best in the World

Let’s face it, nobody saw this one coming. McMahon replaced the Miz at the last minute and beat Ziggler to become “the best in the world” in Saudi Arabia. We think CM Punk might have thrown some stuff at the TV, or at least uttered a giant chuckle.

Roman Drops WWE Universal Title

Sometimes real-life can throw a serious spanner in the works. That’s the case for Roman Reigns this year, as he was forced to drop his title and reveal he would be out to battle leukemia.

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