Summerslam 2018 Predictions: Jeff Hardy Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Jeff Hardy is looking to regain the United States Championship after losing it to Shinsuke Nakamura. The match is set for Summerslam, but the outcome could be either way. What do our experts think?


I looked forward to their last match but it was so short I cried. Hopefully, this time we will get a full display of skills from Jeff Hardy and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Given what happened last time at Extreme Rules, I hope Jeff Hardy has ample protection for his family jewels this time. Aside from his endangered jewels, Hardy might face some opposition from Randy Orton as well, who has been keeping a close eye on the former United States Champion.

The role Randy Orton will play in the championship match is entirely unclear. Remember, Orton is being investigated at the moment for some less than admirable conduct, so it would be smarter for the WWE to keep him off television until the end of that investigation. Still, there was a camera on Randy Orton at SmackDown Live, making Orton interference during the match extremely likely.

Since things are not in favor of Hardy, I predict Shinsuke will retain the title. Who knows? Maybe the Deleter of Worlds could lend a hand just for this pay-per-view? If not, Jeff Hardy’s “Twist of Fate” may be sealed.


It seems both of the Brothers Hardy are dealing with injuries and will be off TV for some time following SummerSlam. This being the case, expect Nakamura to win and move into a feud with? Idk. Shinsuke finally has a main roster title, and it feels flat. Hopefully, he’ll start giving more in these matches. I expect this one to be a sprint similar to what we saw the last time the two met. Randy Orton’s interference may or may not happen depending on the severity of the allegations against him and how WWE deals with them.


I don’t care about this match, and that’s sad because Shinsuke Nakamura is impressive and Jeff Hardy is, well, Jeff Hardy. Furthermore, it seems pretty cut and dry that Nakamura will retain. Maybe Randy Orton will interfere, perhaps he won’t, but it’s time for Nakamura to move on to a bigger, better feud, and for Jeff and Matt both to figure out what the future holds for them within the industry.


My gut tells me Nakamura will get the win and hopefully move on to another feud that can elevate him from rut he seems to be stuck in on Smackdown as of late. Then again, if his feud with Jeff Hardy hasn’t done the trick, who might? Those who saw Nakamura (basically every wrestling fan) as an A-list player from the get-go have to be disappointed that he’s stuck mid-card. I agree with Hunter, that interference by Randy Orton might happen and could make this an even more intriguing match, but that is up in the air with the recent allegations against the Apex Predator.

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