The Worst Debuts In Professional Wrestling! Do You Remember These?

Professional wrestling has been responsible for some amazing debuts, but also some horrible ones. Today, I want to look at some of the worst debuts in professional wrestling history. So, what are the things a wrestling star should not do in his or her debut? Let’s find out!

The Shockmaster

Where do I begin? Not only was this the worst debut in history, it was also a memorable one since the Shockmaster blasted through a wall before falling on his face, not to mention how horrible the character looks. Still, the Shockmaster is still on the minds of many wrestling fans. Unfortunately, it is not exactly the kind of fame the Shockmaster was going for.

Lesson to learn: you can fall, but keep a hold of that mask! Even if it looks a little crappy!

The Gobbledy Gooker

As if the tong-twister isn’t enough, the WWE had to make things worse by making a giant turkey debut on their roster in the 90’s. Can it get worse? Sure can, since the debut included a 5-minute dance.

Lesson to learn: you can be a chicken, just as long as it’s for a KFC advert.


What happens when you bring a magician to the WWE? Phantasio unfortunately! With only one TV appearance, his career was extremely short-lived.

Lesson to learn: when you use magic, make sure it’s real!

The Yeti

The what? Exactly, because many people don’t remember this horrendous character. The debut was awful, with a so-called yeti that looked more like a mummy, but it became even worse when the character was seen humping the Hulkster in a Battle Royal. Uh?

Lesson to learn: a yeti is not a mummy, people!


Unfortunately, Goldust was not always the androgynous figure we know and love today. Before he became Goldust, Dustin Rhodes made his debut as Seven. The problem with the debut? Poor Goldust looked like a child abductor. Or something that came straight out of “Nightmare On Elm Street.” Thank god the character failed miserably, otherwise we would not have had Goldust!

Lesson to learn: do not look for inspiration with current day criminals or old-school horror flicks.

The Master Blasters

The last debut that went horribly wrong involved Kevin Nash and tag team partner Iron, who made their debut as the Master Blasters. While their entrance was not the worst, the crowd nearly booed the pair from the squared circle when a diving headbutt missed by almost three feet! Even worse, the man who was supposed to take the headbutt still sold it, which made the entire debut ridiculous.

Lesson to learn: make sure you have your eyes checked before any debut, just to make sure you don’t miss by three feet!

Are Debuts Vital for a Superstar’s Career?

You cannot deny that a debut can have a serious impact on the rest of a superstar’s wrestling career. If you mess up on the debut, it could turn you into a comedy act, or even worse, put you on the unemployment list. So, WWE superstars should certainly learn some lessons from these horrible debuts!

Unfortunately, some people on this list went down in history for all the wrong reasons. Others were lost to obscurity completely. So, WWE superstars should certainly learn some lessons from these horrible debuts!

Which bad debut do you remember most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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