Ringside’s Favorite Wrestling T-Shirts in the WWE Store!

WWE merchandise certainly has an impact on the career of WWE wrestlers. So, having the right merchandise is important for many superstars on the current roster. Time to put some of this merchandise in the limelight! Here are our favorite shirts from the WWE Shop!

Asuka “No One Is Ready” Authentic T-Shirt

Even though Asuka has just arrived on the main roster, she already has a bunch of merchandise. I personally adore her new shirts, so it certainly needed to be added to this overview.

A lot of wrestlers step away from putting their face on the shirts, but Asuka seems to have decided to be a little different. Let’s face it, we love the fact that Asuka is different! Fortunately for us, she proves she is different once again by putting her image on the new shirt.

Alicia Fox “Crazy Like a Fox” Authentic T-Shirt

Foxy finally has some merchandise, and not a moment too soon! Alicia certainly chose something cool for her shirt, because this is honestly one of my favorite designs throughout the entire store.

The only downside to the shirt is that Alicia Fox does not have a brand aside from being crazy. She has no specific logo or characteristic colors, which makes a characteristic Foxy shirt a little harder. Still, this does not matter at all in the end, because her shirt is the best-looking one in my book!

Cesaro “Twith Thyborg” T-Shirt

While the design might not be that fun to look at, this T-shirt is one of my favorites because of comedic value. If you remember, Cesaro lost some teeth during a match not too long ago. Fortunately, he turned things around quick by capitalizing on losing teeth. Well played Cesaro! Well played!

WWE Susan G. Komen “Unleash Your Warrior” T-Shirt

The following shirt is one of my favorites for many different reasons. Not only do I love the design of the shirt, the net proceeds of the shirt sales go to Susan G. Komen cancer research. The shirt also carries the Ultimate Warrior design, which makes it even more special.

Bobby Roode “Glorious Has Arrived” Authentic T-Shirt

SmackDown is now unimaginable without the Glorious one. While I recognize little from the Roode brand in the T-shirt, the big word on the front of the shirt tells you everything you need to know. I certainly want to be as glorious as Roode, so this one is now on order!

Natalya “Paws Out, Claws Out” Authentic Women’s T-Shirt

Like Natalya, I have an unhealthy obsession with cats. Maybe this explains why I love Natalya’s latest shirt so much!┬áNatalya getting some new merchandise is long overdue, because her old shirt “queen of hearts,” has been in my wardrobe for years. Fortunately, this new shirt gives me the chance to show my unwavering support for the “best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”

What are your favorite shirts from WWE Superstars? Do you own any shirts yourself? Share your favorites and your owned shirts with other fans below!

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