Matt Hardy Wants to Become Raw General Manager

Raw needs some serious work at the moment, and what better way than to install a new general manager to rule the roost. One of the people who has shown some interest in becoming the new Raw general manager is Matt Hardy. In my opinion, this could be the thing Raw needs!

Matt Asks for Tweets!

Matt Hardy is known to use social media to get fan support. In fact, it is one of the things that increased his exposure during his indie days.


Yesterday, Matt Hardy asked fans for support, more specifically as the Raw general manager. Many fans are up for the idea, believing that Matt Hardy could change Raw for the better. I certainly support that thought, especially with Raw being the way it is at the moment.

Raw Must Change

Baron Corbin

While there is much talent on Raw that could be used, the reign of Baron Corbin has been unimpressive to say the least. Of course, I believe Corbin is not to blame in this situation, I put it down to poor writing and bookings.

Other Candidates for the Raw General Manager Position

Alexa Bliss

Officially, Kurt Angle is still the official manager of Raw. Baron Corbin was installed as the temporary manager, but he could make the position permanent if he can beat Braun Strowman at TLC.

If Corbin fails to beat Strowman at TLC, it is expected for the Raw general manager position to be open. There are other people backstage that are rumored to be next in line for the position, one of them being multiple time women’s champion Alexa Bliss.

Bliss has been out with an injury for some time and her future is currently unclear. It has been rumored that she could take up the mantle of general manager, but nothing has been confirmed officially at this point.

I have no doubt the WWE will implement some changes in the nearby future though, especially with Raw getting the fourth lowest viewer rating recently. While Alexa would do well as general manager, I would much rather have Matt Hardy. However, there could also be room for both. Why not make Matt Hardy the general manager for men’s wrestling and Alexa the manager for women’s wrestling? Why not have two general managers? The interaction between Hardy and Bliss could be WONDERFUL.

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