Alexa Bliss Denies Retirement Rumors

Speculation surrounding Alexa Bliss reached epic heights last week after several media channels revealed she might be retiring. She has not wrestled since October 19, causing rumor to get out of hand. Alexa Bliss has now officially denied rumors she is retiring.

I’ll Be Back

Alexa Bliss is undoubtedly one of the most popular women in the division today, despite being an excellent heel. When it was revealed she would not be wrestling at Survivor Series, rumors circulated “The Goddess” may be forced to retire due to suffering multiple concussions, a story quite reminiscent to that of Daniel Bryan.

After a good week of speculation, Alexa Bliss has reacted to rumors with a simple tweet. In the tweet, she states she is not going anywhere, and finished the job with an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Career-Ending Injuries

Even though the rumors surrounding Alexa Bliss have little merit, it is not that far-fetched for fans to think a WWE superstar may have suffered a career-ending injury. Many of the greats had to put down their wrestling mantle due to severe injury. Just think about Edge or Daniel Bryan (who has now returned to wrestling after years of medical tests).

The men’s division is not the only one affected by career-ending injuries. On April 9, 2018, former Diva’s Champion Paige – also the youngest Diva champion ever – was forced to announce her retirement.

During a WWE live event, Paige received a dropkick from Sasha Banks. Unfortunately, the move had an adverse effect on Paige’s neck, causing considerable damage and leaving her unable to perform.

With this, it is important to know that Paige suffered from neck-related injuries and problems far before she had the accident in the ring with Sasha Banks. During her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, Paige sought treatment for her neck issues outside of the WWE. She would later return, but the incident happened shortly after her return.

Career-ending injuries are not that uncommon in the WWE, so we should certainly respect the fact that wrestlers put their bodies on the line to put on a show. While safety measures have increased over the years – and WWE wrestlers are subject to serious medical screening – it does not stop the fact these wrestlers are working almost the entire year. With so many bumps and hits being taken on such a regular basis, I don’t think we have seen the last of career-ending injuries. Maybe WWE wrestlers need a bit more of a break? Or a bigger roster so they can spread some of their superstars a little more. One thing is certain, there has been an influx of injuries in the WWE over the past decade.

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