Former WWE Stars Vince Won’t Re-Sign!

Some WWE superstars never get the push they deserve, or even worse, they become the focus of Vince McMahon when it comes to the annual release contracts.

There have been numerous WWE stars that have been released over the years. Some have been rehired, while others will never sign with the WWE again. Below, you will find the wrestling superstars who Vince refuses to take back!

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

Despite the extensive history between Vince McMahon and the Rhodes family, Cody Rhodes is one former wrestler we will probably never see in the WWE again.

Performing in the WWE under the name Stardust, Cody was unhappy with his position and turned to the indies shortly after his release from the WWE. This seemed to be the right move, as Cody is now one of the hottest free agents.

Triple H reportedly wants to bring back Cody Rhodes, but Cody does not have any intention of returning after being booked terribly in the WWE before.


The release of Emma came as a shock to many, mainly because the beautiful Australian had received quite a push on the RAW roster just before her release.

Vince and the board made the decision to release Emma at the end of 2017. Despite Emma being one of Triple H’s first NXT protegees, he could not prevent her firing.

Emma is currently in the indies and attemptimg to make her way back. However, Vince reportedly is not interested in resigning her.



Some WWE superstars have been self-destructive where their career is concerned, despite being extremely talented. One of these stars is Melina; she’s one former WWE superstar Vince does not want to bring back.

According to backstage rumor, Melina was quite the drama queen. Most of the female locker room did not like her and it is believed those backstage tensions eventually led to her release.

Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock

Despite showing some interest in returning to the WWE, Vince is unlikely to resign Ken Shamrock. While he was one of the most memorable wrestlers of the Attitude Era, his age and the bad ending to his WWE career are likely reasons why Vince does not want Shamrock back.



Much like Melina, Carlito is one of the superstars who mainly has himself to blame for his soured relationship with Vince McMahon.

Vince originally saw lots of potential in Carlito and gave him a major push. He even defeated John Cena for the United States Championship at one point, but things did not stay rose-colored for the wrestling star.

WWE fans started to sour on Carlito after he got a reputation for being lazy and unmotivated. He eventually was released by the WWE due to a failed drug test and his refusal to attend rehab.

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio had some problems with WWE in the past, before he left in 2016. His return would not be different though, since the wrestler was hounded by scandal during his relationship with current SmackDown Live manager Paige.

Shortly after leaving the WWE, Del Rio made it his life’s mission to throw dirt at the WWE. He also insulted many people on a personal level, including Triple H. He would later backtrack on his statements and claim Paige was to blame for his outbursts. Still, the damage has been done and bridges have been burned to ash at this point in time.

Can you think of anyone else that Vince would never want to bring back to the WWE?

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