John Cena Rumored to Become Next Captain America

There could be some exciting news for fans of Marvel and Wrestling. According to EsquireJohn Cena could be Marvel’s next pick to play Captain America. Here’s the story.

Cryptic Tweet

The story broke this week when John Cena posted a cryptic Instagram post. While the post did not contain any text, it did contain an image of the Captain America shield, sending fans of the series into a tailspin.

Marvel fans undoubtedly know that Captain America is currently played by actor Chris Evans. However, it is believed that Evans’ contract is expiring soon and that he is set to die or retire in Avengers 4. If this is indeed the case, it would make sense for John Cena to pick up the mantle of the superhero.

Black Panther

While most fans believe Cena is getting ready to take on the role of Captain America, others believe he may be in line for a role in the next Black Panther film. The reason for this speculation also relates to Cena’s Instagram post, which clearly displayed some claw marks on the Shield.

The Truth of the Matter

John Cena

At this point in time, we only have John Cena’s Instagram post and a lot of speculation. No statement has been made by Marvel, nor has John Cena made any comments on his cryptic post.

Cena’s wrestling career has been put on the back-burner recently, so it is unlikely that he will play any major wrestling role in the WWE anytime soon. While he might return for the occasional appearance, breaking Hollywood seems to be Cena’s main attention at this point in his career.

As a fan of everything related to superheroes and the Marvel and DC Universe, I’m looking forward to what the future brings. While it will be weird to see Cena as the new Captain America, or in another movie role within the Marvel Universe, I’m sure he will put in all the energy into creating a good product. We at Ringside Intel wish him all the luck in his future adventures.