Former WWE Star Enzo Amore Removed From Flight

We have not heard anything from Enzo Amore for quite some time. Shortly after he was cleared from the legal charges laid against him, he released his first rap video, but things have been quiet since then. Now, Amore has entered the news once more after being removed from a flight at JFK airport.

Enzo Breaks the Rules

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Enzo Amore was removed from a Delta Airlines flight. Enzo was taking a flight from New York to Los Angeles, travelling to a gig in Hollywood. However, he was removed from the flight after refusing to stop vaping.

“Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Enzo Amore was kicked off a plane on Thursday before takeoff for vaping and not following instructions from the flight attendants.”

“The flight was headed from JFK International Airport in New York to Los Angeles, but sources tell us things were halted due to Enzo not listening when he was told to stop vaping on the plane.”

The incident was reported by witnesses on the flight, who recognized the former WWE star and filmed the incident. The wrestling fan threw a quick “how u doin” at Enzo, who apparently looked over and smiled before leaving the airplane.

What Enzo Is Currently Doing

Enzo Amore

As last reported by Ringside Intel, Enzo has said goodbye to the wrestling scene and is focusing completely on his rapping career. He is currently rapping under the name Real1.

Before falling from grace, Enzo Amore wrestlered for the WWE. Being a good talker, he was put on as the main character of the WWE Cruiserweight Division. Before that, he was quite successful as part of a tag team with Big Cass.

Things have gone bad for both parts of the former tag team. Enzo was released shortly before Big Cass, who reportedly had some backstage problems. Of course, the real reason for his release is not yet known.

Big Cass is currently wrestling in the indies but has failed to book any big events to date. He is currently wrestling under the name Big Cazz or Big C. Recent reports from fans who watched him in the indies indicate the former wrestler is looking scruffy and out of shape. It’s areal shame for a promising athlete who could have had it all in the WWE. Let’s hope he can pull himself together and continue his wrestling career in a bigger and better way.

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