Is Enzo Amore Ever Going To Wrestle Again? Here’s What He Said

Disappointing ones of fans hoping for an Enzo and Big Cass reunion on the independent circuit, Enzo Amore has proclaimed that he’s donzo with professional wrestling.

Speaking with TMZ at the Athletes vs. Cancer charity flag football game in Los Angeles, Amore – real name Eric Arndt – said that he wouldn’t get back inside the squared circle “in a million years.”

“There ain’t nobody who’s got enough money to put me back in the ring, kid,” Amore added. “Not unless it’s ‘Creed 3’ dog and I’m fighting [Adonis Creed].”

However, while Amore may never wrestle again, he’s certainly not opposed to using his previous vocation to promote his current one. Notably, he’s scheduled for a meet and greet at House of Glory Wrestling’s High Velocity 7 over SummerSlam weekend in New York City. HOG Wrestling is promoting him as real1 f.k.a. Enzo Amore.

There’s something delightfully symbolic about the fact that Amore couldn’t even get the date of his meet and greet correct.

All jokes aside, it’s probably for the best that Amore never wants to wrestle again, as WWE would likely be unwilling to give him another shot, anyway. Even though he was cleared of all charges, inviting an accused rapist back into the fold wouldn’t exactly mesh with WWE’s new focus on women’s empowerment.

And that’s unfortunate for Amore. Despite that he’s been deemed innocent in the eyes of the law, in the court of public opinion there will always be an asterisk by his name. Plus, it certainly doesn’t help that he’s pushing merch like this.

Furthermore, Amore had expressed interest in the music industry long before parting ways with WWE. It’s unclear whether he only intended to use WWE as a steppingstone to a rap career, but it always seemed to me that he wasn’t so much interested in wrestling as he was in being famous. Whatever the case, wrestling didn’t work out for him, and hopefully, he makes better decisions in his future endeavors.

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