Fans Troll Lars Sullivan’s Promo and It’s HILARIOUS

Lars Sullivan is coming to the main roster. Unfortunately for Lars, the revealed forum posts that exposed him as anything but a nice guy have turned fans against him in a major way. His recent promo video was received with a bunch of trolling, and some of it is quite hilarious.

Comments from Disgruntled Fans

The comments placed on YouTube were not just aimed at the recent news about Lars’ posts, they also refer to the WWE’s inability to make NXT talent big on the main roster. Here are some of the reactions that stuck with me.

“Next Raw: Lars Coming Very Soon, Next next Raw: very very soon… Next Raw after next next Raw: Lars Sullivan Released by WWE” – Jinny Legend

“He is more dangerous than his blog posts LMAO” – Blake Ferguson

“Jobbing because of his comments sadly :(” – Luis Pineda

“Lars Sullivan the New Snitsky” – Kenny Omega

“Backstage…in catering” – Boring!

It is clear the WWE universe has little love for Lars Sullivan at the moment and who can blame them. The only good match I’ve seen him in on NXT was the ladder match for the North American championship, and that had more to do with the other entrants. As far as Sullivan is concerned, his future on the main roster does not look that great.

There are loads of big men on the main roster, which certainly proves Vince’s love for big wrestlers. From Braun Strowman to Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre, Sullivan will have problems standing out if he ends up on Raw.

What Will Happen to Sullivan?

Lars Sullivan

I have to be honest, Sullivan did not stand out for me in NXT but I did not like him to begin with. The recent news about his posts does not help his situation. While it did not insult me on a personal level, I do not give people like him the time of day.

Sullivan will not get any sympathy from me at this point. If he wants his career to succeed, he will need a character transplant and a reality check. I hope he proves me wrong. Otherwise, he might go the same way Ryback did, out the door.

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